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  1. I have a recapped classic 2 mobo with an 80mb hard-drive. I plugged in the hard drive, turned the mac on and booted from the system 7 disk utilities floppy. Once the reformatting was done, I restarted the mac and installed system 7 on it. This all worked well and I played Oregon trail on it for a while, but after I turned off the computer a couple of times, the drive stopped showing up. When I power up the mac, I get the missing OS floppy icon, and when I boot from the Disk Utilities I don't see the drive on the desktop, or with the actual application. The drive sounds the same as it did when
  2. Hi, I have a classic two which has to support for hd20 emulation. It has a hard drive in it, which spins up and makes noises, but it does not mount when I boot up the mac. Is there something I can do to reformat the hard drive so that I can put System 7 on it?
  3. I didn't buy it just to sell it again though, I bought it because I wanted a vintage computer. I don't really plan on selling it at all.
  4. Yeah, I have a feeling that in a while all of these old apple machines will be worth a pretty penny.
  5. Okay so I tried it again and I'm still getting the lines with static around it. Can anyone who does recapping tell me where they are so I know which one is closer?
  6. I didn't have enough to soak it, I only had like half a cup. I washed it by pouring the acetone over it for only like 10 minutes, then blew dry it on medium heat and medium speed.
  7. So soak in acetone and then send to get recapped?
  8. This weekend I'll run it in acetone, and then if that doesn't work I'll get it professionally done. Thanks for the advice!
  9. Okay, sorry for all of the updates, Elfen, on 17 Apr 2015 - 7:01 PM, said: Like I said, recapping the board will bring 90% of all dead Classic IIs with your symptoms. It did for many others including me: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23800-semi-successful-recap-on-classic-ii/ Did you use acetone when you washed the board? Yes, recapping is the only option to repair 90% of all Classic II Boards. More work maybe needed if there is damage to the board (like mine and a couple others since the sound does not work but that's no biggie for me).
  10. Since I do not have to tools to do a recap like that, I'll probably just ship it to uniserver or something. But recapping is definitely the best option?
  11. Now I am also getting the same screen that I saw when I powered it on for the first time. I'm starting to think that there is just a problem with the logic board just because the analog board is doing less of the clicky thing and more of the display-e thing, and more often. Is the best option still to do a recap?
  12. Note that these screens are different than what I saw when I bought it. I have only the floppy drive plugged in, not the HDD.
  13. Ok, Update: Now when I turn it on the screen looks like this, and the clicking stops, but only about every other time.
  14. It has 2 rom chips, and it is SMT cap on the back of the logic board. Also I listened around and it seems like the clicking sound is coming from the flyback transformer
  15. Ok so I powered it up without the logic board, and the analog board does not make any clicking sounds. Could that mean that just the logic board is having issues?
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