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  1. So I'd really like to make this project, but I don't have the ICs they use. Would it be OK if I just direct wired it? Also, wiring stuff/pinouts is not my strong suit. I might have more questions about wiring later. Thanks in advance!
  2. I never had any luck with RPi <-> Serial networking—if you pull it off please explain how.
  3. I found the problem, it was a faulty power supply. My home built pc makes the drive run, and my SE is happily booting. Thanks!
  4. I had a IIci, recapping gave it sound
  5. I have a 160MB 1993 Apple SCSI hard drive, and it used to work connected to the backplate of a drive enclosure. I removed the SCSI connectors from said back plate, and now the hard drive, connected to those connectors, will NOT spin up when I apply Molex power. Does anybody know how to fix it? P.S. I checked the Molex voltage and it was 5V,
  6. I did it for two weeks, stopping because I wanted to try the El Capitan beta. I used a PPC G4 @ 1.5 GHz and 10.5.
  7. Try fiddling with the display controls (contrast, brigtness)
  8. I had good luck with https://www.computermemoryoutlet.com. Unity recommends OWC I think. Also how much did you pay for your SE/30?
  9. This is getting super off topic. I wish the thread was closed.
  10. 64MB is plenty under 7.6.1. RAM tests take the extra time
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