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  1. Heard back from the seller. Thankfully, it's still available. Now I'm working on setting up a time to meet to pick it up. I will try to avoid turning it on until I get it recapped. How hard is it to remove the logic board from the Duo 270c? As previously mentioned in another thread, my track record for working on laptops isn't very good - which makes me nervous. Also, how hard is it to replace/fabricate a new PRAM battery? P.S./OT - I also have a lead on a Apple Cinema display for a really decent price. Does anyone know if it'd be possible to use it with my 2019 13" Mac
  2. I messaged the seller a couple days ago and no response. I think the Duo 270c would be the perfect addition to my collection... let's just hope they still have it.
  3. A couple days ago, I posted this PowerBook Duo 270c for sale somewhat locally (about 60 miles away) for $75. My current Mac collection consists of 68000-powered compact Macs, and I'd like to get into something with a little bit more power and a color display. Therefore, the Duo 270c has captured my attention. Even better, it's a laptop so it won't take up a whole lot space. Are the Duo 270cs pretty reliable? I know the PowerBook 1xx models are notorious for having display issues, as well as problems with plastics and the hinges. Does the 270c have a serial connection for connecting
  4. Thanks for the tip. After doing that, the ImageWriter II worked perfectly with the SE. It took me a minute to figure out how to properly configure the PageMaker print settings, but after that it was printing just fine. Can the ImageWriter II print on envelopes?
  5. Apple printers are a world I'm not too familiar with, so I'd like some advice on setting it up and maintaining it. Yesterday I received an Apple ImageWriter II from a fellow 68kMLA member. The printer works fine with my 1991 Macintosh Classic, which already had the ImageWriter driver installed. The print quality isn't too bad, though I noticed there were some ink "smudges" on the paper. For my first question: is there a decent way to load the paper so that it's not crooked and the margins are correct? Or is that just something you have to deal with, like on a typewriter? I don't ha
  6. Saw this on reddit (u/gf99b... mentioned I didn't see it) and decided to also chime in here. That machine is in immaculate condition and you did a pretty good job at getting it working again. As for the FloppyEmu, I highly recommend getting one to anyone who owns a vintage Mac. While you won't be able to use the hard drive (HD-20) emulation mode with the 128k, you can still use it in floppy emulation mode with 400k images. Makes it very convenient for copying files and software from the internet (Macintosh Garden, etc.) to your vintage Mac(s).
  7. My 1988 Macintosh SE still has its original Varta PRAM battery installed, which works fine and keeps the date/time almost perfectly. Despite the PRAM battery working, I'd rather not chance having it rupture one day and taking out the logic board. Unlike in my Classic, this battery is soldered directly to the logic board. To remove, should I de-solder the legs going to the battery, or just snip with some scissors or something? I'd like to possibly install a new battery, if possible - which brings me to my next point. What is a good method for installing a new battery in
  8. If you (OP) don't have a FloppyEmu, I would suggest getting the $140 "bundle" if you can. The acrylic case looks pretty snazzy and makes it easier to carry, and the microSD card already comes with a lot of software and utilities already installed. There are included 20 MB (?) and 100 MB volumes, which already contain System 4 and System 6.0.8 respectively. (Link here to my thoughts on the FloppyEmu, with a follow up post on HD-20 emulation, on my personal blog.) As mentioned, the FloppyEmu and its hard drive emulation mode has served me well with transferring large files. Personall
  9. Using a FloppyEmu, you can create a hard drive (HD-20) emulation volume (disk image) on the microSD card and load the files into volume that via Basilisk II or Mini vMac (using the ImportFl utility.) I've done this a few times and it has worked quite well for transferring files, including large files. Edit- Steps: Download the "Blanks" ZIP from the Gryphel project. The ZIP file contains a number of blank volumes, with capacities ranging from 400k to 224 MB. Choose a volume size and copy over onto the microSD card from the FloppyEmu. Open Mini vMac or Basili
  10. Sorry for the triple post. I removed the memory expansion card, plugged in the machine, turned it on, and... it turned on! Chimed and proceeded to boot into 6.0.7, as usual. For further testing, I placed the memory expansion card back into the machine - making sure it was firmly in the socket. Turned the machine on and... chime! "Welcome to Macintosh" and proceeded to boot into 6.0.7. The "About This Mac" window shows 2,048k of total memory. Perhaps I got lucky and all of this concern was caused by a loose memory expansion card? With all of that said... should I be conc
  11. Here's the video showing the graphic problems in Glider and Crystal Quest.
  12. I found the error code listing page last night shortly after posting this. (I've also posted about this on a FB group and got lots of responses.) Unfortunately, I came to the same conclusion - something's wrong with the memory. Tonight I'm going to remove the memory expansion card to see if that makes a difference. If so, at least I'll be able to use the machine (albeit only with 1 MB) until I can get it repaired. If not, well . Guess I'll have to send the logic board off again for further repair and troubleshooting as locating and replacing bad memory chips and other parts is bey
  13. Ever since I've had the analog board in my 1991 Macintosh Classic recapped, it's been running great. Until tonight, that is. Earlier this evening I was playing around with my FloppyEmu when the Mac gave me a "Sad Mac" error after having to restart the machine. (Sometimes I have to do a hard restart of the machine to change the FloppyEmu modes.) Thankfully, after another hard restart the machine started fine and continued to work. I tried to start it up again and now it won't boot at all... it just displays the Sad Mac. Can anyone give any insight into what is causing it
  14. The Plus, SE, and Classic can all be configured to have up to 4 MB of RAM. As for the PRAM battery, the SE has the battery soldered to the logic board (or at least mine does) so they will need to snip it out or desolder it.
  15. Breaking the CRT in one of my machines is one of my worst nightmares... in fact, I've had bad/sad dreams about it happening. It's one thing if the CRT was old, worn-out and/or has lots of burn-in, but (fortunately) the CRT in both of my machines is in near-pristine condition. I feel these CRTs are becoming harder and harder to find, especially in good condition. Dumb question incoming: but what would that do? I can understand cutting off the rest of the CRT and leaving the face and placing and LCD behind that, but would placing a small LCD at the neck "magnify" it or something?
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