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  1. Is it possible to create a benchmark to compare the first Mac to the last Mac?(from 68xxx processors to the most recent like M1) That would be great!
  2. How about Mac II series and compact Macs?
  3. Thanks guys.At the moment I will stick with 8mb and 7.1 as operating system because 7.5.3 feels a bit slow.
  4. I've just installed 8mb ram and I will run 7.1. If I install over 16mb ram and 7.5.5 the SE/30 will be any faster or not? I want you opinion please for amount of ram.
  5. Also can I use different type of modules.I want to put 8mb but the 4 simms are different than the other 4.All are 1mb simms
  6. As I said before,I had 5mb with 4x1mb and 4x256k and machine worked fine. The 256k modules are in front(A bank) and 4mb modules in the back. Maybe I will try with another modules.
  7. My motherboard -recently recapped- and my modules.First bank has 4 modules 256kb each second bank modules 4mb.I think the problem is the modules.They have only 2 chips per module.As a result my SE/30 sees only 2mb of ram.
  8. I have a SE/30 recently recapped from a very good technician.If had 5mb of ram (4x256 and 4x1mb).I have changed the brand new modules(4x4mb-60ns) from the IIci to SE/30.I have putted on the first bank(A bank).Machine does not boot and had stripes on monitor and the sound of death. Then I have install them to bank B and install the 4x256kb to bank A.Shows me only 2Mb ram... Also I have a Seagate 2gb hard disk the finder can’t see it properly...
  9. Disks are from original Photoshop 2.0... Can I repair the drives or not?
  10. I have tried my original Photoshop 2 disks to my Classic II and LC475 and suddenly neither of two internal disk drives reads any disk...(before both machines read/write normally all the disks) Is it possible a disk to destroy the disk drives?
  11. I have a Performa 450 but seems completely dead.I have added a working battery but nothing.Does not start up or any sound from power supply... what can I do?
  12. I have found this article about floppy drives: https://siber-sonic.com/mac/superfloppy.html?fbclid=IwAR18XgxXhnJc7e0NmGx6ir0MBB2egMNsBUls_wyBZyjsgzRpYbYdDgtAZRo
  13. Thanks very much ArmorAlley but I don't want to spend so much money for this floppy EMU(I prefer to spend the money to an old Mac). I have seen two options on eBay but I don't know if they will fit in my IIfx? Can I post the links here?
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