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  1. Have you tried using the Insomnia extension from various Mac OS CD-ROM System Folders? I don't know how it does it, but I know it prevents PowerBooks from sleeping, even if the battery is low.
  2. The 2300c can be either IDE or SCSI from memory - so perhaps you were thinking of that?
  3. Ok so I sat down and eventually managed to get python (1.5.2) running on my SE/30. At this point I had to make it work! So I did. Python version this old do have their own quirks, however.... IMG_0601.MOV
  4. I still love the flying toasters (especially with the song!)
  5. Well here are the tools one would need for the module... http://jamessignorile.com/program.html Writing some code to poke the Philips hue bridge wouldn’t be all that hard, it’s just a REST API, which could even be implemented in raw TCP if actual HTTP is difficult. I might look into this since I’ve got a lot of modern programming experience, but back when I was using Mac OS 8/9 I was using REALBasic, which wasn’t really proper Mac programming, then or now (although I’ve not used XoJo so maybe I’m being a little unfair there!)
  6. So ages ago I looked into this and couldn't make it work: Recently I saw something on Hackaday which made me think: https://hackaday.com/2019/07/03/amiga-in-the-mist-gets-online-with-an-esp8266/ So I got a copy of the project: https://github.com/martin-ger/esp_slip_router (Had a bit of confusion with ifconfig and slattach on linux to get the port speed configured) Hooked my 540c up to it (Which already had InterSLIP installed from the last try) and it works! Yes it's unbelievably slow (although not compared to the 36
  7. If you've still not had contact with someone to take a look at this, send me a PM. I'm based near London/Cambridge and would be happy to look at it more closely, but It's not looking good from the pictures.
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  9. Reseat the RAM (and VRAM if it has any), pull any NuBus cards out, disconnect everything on SCSI and try again. This eliminates other things which could be interfering (SCSI bus conflicts etc.). Then re-add things if it works. Maybe even try a PRAM zap when you turn it on (hold Command-Option-P-R as it boots)
  10. Some Macs (IIsi springs to mind) require Sync on Green, and others don't, so I can understand that only certain computers are exhibiting this behaviour.
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    From the album: ForSale

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