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  1. Added this to the Trading Post
  2. Looks like this IS a Rev. A machine
  3. I believe both of these are Rev. A, but I'll have to double check later tonight. Side note, one of the systems had a Sonnet Tempo Ultra66 expansion card in it. Haven't had a chance to test that yet though.
  4. Just the base 300MHz on both
  5. CC_333, Parting out the second unit is likely. I will probably post it in the trading post in the next day or so. I'll give you first dibs on the power supply, main system fan and IDE cables.
  6. Came across a guy who had found 2 B&W G3s and a Studio Display in his attic. Picked them up yesterday, had to troubleshoot them a bit, but sure enough, they came to life! One had no ram, one had two sticks (one bad). Studio display works for the most part, but has to be tapped every once in a while and has a horrible green and magenta effect on the screen. Thinking I might sell one if there's any interest. Cosmetically, one is a little rough.. missing side panel, scuffs and scratches, cracked or broken feet and handles. But it works! On a side note, I found this on the letgo app
  7. Aah. Might explain why the previous owner wanted to get rid of it. I've also got a Duo Dock that's got some issues... Tick of death, of course. Expecting to get a replacement capacitor for it today. A bit excited!
  8. Just recently, I did some work for a client who paid me with what I thought was a Powerbook Duo 280c and a Duo MiniDock. Knowing the 280c was a 68k Mac (my first 68k!), I gladly accepted it. When I finally got a power adapter for the unit, I discovered its ACTUALLY the case of a 280c with the logic board from a 2300c. So, a 100 MHz PPC unit. Not what I was expecting, but OK none the less. Anyways, I find myself in a situation (just lost job) where I need the money more than an extra vintage system. I've tested the system and it works pretty well, case is in pretty good shape and only
  9. Well, I definitely know what to look for when I take a second look at it.
  10. Probably around $30-60. i don't think he's really sure.
  11. Just a few days ago, I was visiting a client and commented on his Bondi iMac when he pulled out a beat-up box with a PowerBook Duo 230 and dock. He has no idea if the thing works, where the cables are, and has no monitor for it. Not to mention, the case on the PowerBook is separating. Considering this thing is going to need some things and might even need to be repaired, would this be a rabbit hole worth going down? Not sure I want to get into a project that would seem to never end.
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