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  1. The only copy I've ever found was right here on 68kmla!
  2. Yes, it's a Sonnet QuadDoubler! The picture on Sonnet's (archived) site doesn't look anything like the real thing, but I've found some other pictures (and benchmarks showing a 60-80% speedup). Really hope I can get this machine running again. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&u=http://www.club6100.net/%3FTuneUp%2F6100%2FCentris660%A4%CB%A5%A2%A5%AF%A5%BB%A5%E9%A5%EC%A1%BC%A5%BF%A4%F2&prev=search
  3. I picked up this 660AV at an estate sale, it has an accelerator I can’t find any info about. “P/N 660-700 REV. 1” is the only marking on the top. On the CPU, I can see “XC68” but the rest is covered with thermal adhesive, it’s an “E31F” mask code. Anyone seen one of these before?
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  5. CodeWarrior Pro 6 (released in 2000) was the last version to include a 68k toolchain, and I'm pretty sure it has C++ namespace support. The IDE/compilers themselves won't actually run on a 68k machine though, I believe CW Pro 4 (from 1998) was the last version that ran on 68k (and only 040 at that).
  6. Found an old Usenet post which said that it was a special product line customized for businesses, like Performa was for consumers here in the US https://groups.google.com/d/msg/fj.sys.mac/NYZC-J8cFnU/htOow4WdijEJ
  7. Something I've always found fascinating was the use of Power Mac G5s as the original dev kit for the Xbox 360. For years there was little to no info about these machines or the software used, but that has changed in the last few months! A hard disk image is available, and apparently the original Xbox emulator is even included and works (see original Halo running in the video below) General info: https://www.xenonwiki.com/Alpha Info on putting together your own machine: https://www.xenonwiki.com/FrankenXenon Hard drive image: https://xbox-archive.o
  8. I picked up one of the last machines I've been wanting at an estate sale last month--a G4 Cube, with 15" Studio Display. Nothing special specs wise, just the usual 450 MHz with Rage 128 although it has been upgraded to 640 MB of RAM. I love having the whole setup--it just isn't the same without matching monitor and keyboard/mouse!
  9. I swapped the flex cable and inverter/button board between the displays, same result, no image I looked closer at the driver board, the problem is the FFC/FPC ribbons attached at the bottom of the driver board that connect to the panel itself. I think the ribbons are soldered onto the board using a "hot bar" which applies pressure to the whole width of the ribbon and then heats it to solder. Might be glue involved too (sometimes they use a conductive adhesive). I have a hot air station so I could probably get them off, but re-soldering them (reliably) with a regular iron just does
  10. Yeah the cracked LCD otherwise works great, backlight lights up, and in the very corner you can see the cursor/control strip. The picture in the thread I linked shows the control board, I don't know how I could swap that between panels.
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