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  1. Oh awesome, I didn't know about that website. I'll buy one from them.
  2. The drive is a Seagate, so I'm guessing that's not the issue. But yeah, if a SCSI2SD is the best solution, I'll just get one of those.
  3. Hi everyone, A couple of months ago, I bought a Power Mac 7500, and it did not come with a hard drive. I bought a 1GB SCSI drive on eBay that was comparable to the original, but after installing an OS on it the computer has tended to lock up when moving around a lot of data, so I'm pretty sure something is wrong with it. At this point, I've decided it would probably be smarter to just try to find a more modern solution. A SCSI2SD would be ideal, but those are over $100 for the cheapest ones available. Is there a cheaper solution to install an SD card in it, or even a more common re
  4. CD versions of Tiger exist. That would probably be the only way to get Tiger onto your machine, considering it has no FireWire and I'm pretty sure is actually too old to boot from USB at all.
  5. This is actually something that I did a few months ago, but I figured it would be worth it to post it here. I went to my local university's recycling center to look for some computers to buy. Luckily enough, they ended up having a whole shopping cart full of untested old computers. Among them were 2 titanium PowerBook G4s. Thankfully, they also had a charger handy, so I decided to test them. One of them seemed to be in good physical condition, but it had no picture. The other one, however, was in worse condition, but it seemed to turn on and work fine with the exception of the left
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