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  1. To be honest, I need to dig up some more RAM for this box as I only have 4 and 7.5.3 is a bit of a memory hog, so I haven't got enough RAM to run TattleTech. I'll try to get that resolved or move to System 6. I removed all of the additional RAM and tested with the same result. I'll keep testing.
  2. Thanks for the offer aeberbach. Really appreciate your generosity, and will let you know if I need some more help. I do have a few things to test and compare with, so right now I'm fairly certain it is the card itself. Cheers Michael
  3. I'll give that a go and report back. It's an original Apple 14" monitor and specs are: 640x480 (31.5 kHz Horiz. Scan, 59.94 Hz Vert. Scan) from LowEndMac. This is it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_Macintosh_Color_Display It works fine with everything else I've thrown at it that's old. I'm certain the specs should support the Toby card. Thanks for your reply Trash80toHP_Mini
  4. Hi all, just received a Macintosh II Video Card (Toby) from eBay (Canada) - I'm in Australia. I want to put this into a IIcx, however was trying to test in my working IIci first. I cannot get anything out of the card at all using either an original Apple Color Display or VGA monitor connected through a working adapter. I can confirm that both monitors work when connected to the internal video, and also another Radius NuBus video card in the same slot. If I boot normally on the internal video using System 7.5.3 I can only see the internal video listed, and not the NuBus
  5. Hi cheesestraws, thank you so much for the photos. They were spot on. They confirm that the missing resistors and capacitors are normal as they are also not on yours. So that ticks that box. It's fun and frustrating at the same time, as this board almost looks new apart from the fact it's not working. Cheers Michael
  6. I cannot find any photos of the underside of the logic board, and was wondering if anyone could help by posting theirs. I'm particularly keen to see if there are resistors in the following locations generally centre to top right of board. C73 C134 R103 R136 R174 R191 R192 R193 R195 Cheers Michael
  7. Update: I've checked out all capacitors and polarity looks correct, and to my eye, I'd say they have not been touched. I've been over most of the board with my microscope and can't see any obvious trace damage. Am looking to see if any of the surface mount components on the underside of the board may have been knocked off from a previous board removal/insertion. Will search for any hires photos which may help as it looks like there are a few resistor positions missing - although they may have never been there. Hard to tell from the solder on the pad.
  8. Thanks Jessenator, hadn't considered any termination issues in this instance, but worth a shot. Usually the termination is for a booting system, which this is not. My testing has included completely bare bones with nothing at all apart from power installed. On another note, the power circuit works as it will also power on from the keyboard, but results are the same. Yep, green power LED soldered directly on front of board, not HDD one. Thanks for replying.
  9. Hi Challenger 1983, thanks for the reply. The Q700 came from the factory with tantalums, so that was the reference I was making. I'm 99% sure these have not been replaced. I will, however do as you say, and just doublecheck polarity, etc.
  10. Hi all I have a Quadra 700 which when powered on does the following: - Normal "bong" chime - Quickly after the death chimes - There is no video output - The green LED is lit I've done a couple of quick tests to confirm the following: - Tried another power supply just in case there might be a power issue - Removed all video SIMMs and RAM - Put in a fresh battery - can't recall whether Q700 required it - Board looks to be in very good condition - definitely no battery damage, etc, and as the Q700 came with tantalum caps, there is no
  11. Hi Powerbase, thanks so much...looks just like mine. Now to get around to testing it out. Cheers Michael
  12. Hi all I've had a IIcx for years I've been meaning to get around to looking at and it came with this video card. It doesn't have any model number information that I have been able to find any info on the net at all. The only things I can reliably make out are that it has RasterOps chips on it (so assuming it's a RasterOps card) and a 1991 date stamp. There are some other details on the back however I haven't been able to tell what it is. I haven't got a running system available at present to determine if it works, however would appreciate any intel. Cheers
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