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  1. Works fine. You can create volumes with SCSI2SD-util you can just create virtual scsi disks. Those then still have to have volumes created and formatted.
  2. A LocalTalk <-> Ethertalk bridge is what I use then the Macipgw image running in a VM. I SCP files from my modern computers to/from it and use Appletalk share to pull files to the Classic II
  3. That's too bad. I've had good luck with this seller. Just received some EEPROM and EPROMs from them. https://www.ebay.com/str/jkpartsstore?_bkw=27c512
  4. Here is the parts list I used on my Classic II analog board with the same model number. Includes digikey part numbers. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSV2LyGPEhFxpr9oA6FZ2DG7m42-P6yyeyOlBUpjrZJ2qcMCRyWYQzCNh56eypgUVyW4OP-M_NmQE2-/pubhtml
  5. This now seems to be fixed in the 6.3.2 firmware released in Oct 2020. http://www.codesrc.com/files/scsi2sd-v6/v6.3.2/ Disable blind writes after updating the firmware.
  6. I had a similar thing with my CII sound was intermittent. I ended up removing the sound chip cleaning and resoldering to solve it.
  7. Per wikipedia the Mac II shipped with a IWM. Which is how my board is labeled. Pretty sure the get what you want you need to swap the IWM for a SWIM.
  8. Does anyone know the equivalent EPROM chip for the Macintosh II? I assume its either 4x 27C512 or 4x 27X128.
  9. Sorry don't know why I said Mac Alley in the subject.
  10. I recently acquired a Macintosh II which had a 030 accelerator card in the CPU socket. I'm wondering how to safely remove this so I can inspect underneath. Any pointers?
  11. You could just leave a space for the many pre built modules out there. Here is an example. https://a.aliexpress.com/_mNPE3bn
  12. He specifically says you can: The 2 ROM version of Classic II can use two 27c400 EPROMs of 100ns or faster (150ns won't work) to replace the system ROMs. The 4 ROM version can use four 27c010's. I did my development with the 2 ROM version because half the number of chips to remove, erase, reprogram, and reinstall seemed like a good thing.
  13. https://www.arrow.com/en/research-and-events/articles/principles-of-grounding-for-mixed-signal-designs#:~:text=Analog Ground vs.,problems in sensitive analog circuits.
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