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  1. He specifically says you can: The 2 ROM version of Classic II can use two 27c400 EPROMs of 100ns or faster (150ns won't work) to replace the system ROMs. The 4 ROM version can use four 27c010's. I did my development with the 2 ROM version because half the number of chips to remove, erase, reprogram, and reinstall seemed like a good thing.
  2. https://www.arrow.com/en/research-and-events/articles/principles-of-grounding-for-mixed-signal-designs#:~:text=Analog Ground vs.,problems in sensitive analog circuits.
  3. A hair dryer could be used to preheat the board of one doesn't have a hot air station.
  4. Even back in the day auto negotiate was troublesome. It was quite common to hard set speed and duplex.
  5. Sounds like your hub may not be negotiating speed. Is it a gigabit hub?
  6. Did you go with EEPROMs or EPROM? Also good instructions at the bottom of this thread. In general the process is not difficult assuming you can get parts. Also don't assume EPROMs are shipped blank. Verify before writing. I've only burned only for my Classic. https://68kmla.org/forums/topic/61249-help-fixing-up-some-macintosh-plusses/?do=findComment&comment=656550
  7. Probably best to start a new thread rather than bring one back from the dead.
  8. Down side to superglue is it breaks down at around 100c. So don't expect to be soldering around in it.
  9. Windows can open it but you have to install the codec. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/heif-image-extensions/9pmmsr1cgpwg?activetab=pivot:overviewtab
  10. You can pop the rivet out from the back side by pushing on the center. or from the front by getting a screwdriver in between the top of the rivet and the next layer. You should probably discharge the CRT before doing anything else inside the chassis to avoid shock. I can't speak for the nail polish. I personally purchased some UV solder mask and use that on any exposed copper. You can get a tube for about $5.
  11. You'd probably have to use a flux imager to have any possibility of recovery.
  12. You mention a serial cable. I believe you actually need local talk adapters not just a serial cable between the two computers.
  13. Flux only needed to resolder. Removal with hot air would just be hot air evenly applied and a pick tool to give light lifting pressure. Or you can buy some chip quick rework solder and use an iron instead of hot air.
  14. I wonder if the viewer got them on Alibaba or something like that. You could also remove the chips from 72 pin versions. If you search for DRAM 4mx4 on ebay a few sellers turn up. You'll want to verify foot print and package match the Gerber's.
  15. You can just trash the existing system folder and reinstall.
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