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  1. Nice! Not sure when I'll be able to get to my Portables... maybe this w/e ... Will report back once I've had a spin. I did note in the description... "MacTest Pro is a subscription diagnostic product..." - hope it won't be a false start!
  2. I've been following this... but now I'm even more interested. I've just brought an SE back to life - complete with '030 accelerator courtesy of @Bolle - and working their way to the top of my repair queue are a couple of Portables. One I know was working fine - but had a dead vertical row of pixels - when I shelved it a few years ago... and another I acquired recently which would not boot... "Sad Mac" It'd be great if someone has that magic diskette tucked away somewhere...
  3. So stick with 90C? ... just bake longer? Um... can you explain?
  4. Sounds like you've been there before.... Update on mine... baking Round 2 was 4 hours @ 100C.... I bumped the temp slightly since 100C is the boiling point for water (212F)... Initial results were even better than Round 1... here we are right after full boot... Unfotunately, after ~2 minutes... the darkening started... ...and after ~11 minutes... it was starting to really show... I still consider this a positive result... before any baking, the screen started to darken almost immediately, a
  5. Have you checked out this thread? I'm currently 'baking' mine a second time... noticeable improvement first time 'round... so we'll see...
  6. Just chiming in... Glad I found this thread!... I recently purchased a faulty (screen issues) PB180, figuring it probably needed a re-cap (which I've done on my PB100 with success... Oh no... it had a serious case of tunnelling... Just like @GregorHouse mentioned originally "Corners begin to dark after a few seconds and in a two minutes nearly all of the screen is dark." I was about to go on the hunt for a new display... when I found this thread and realised I was not alone. So... I stripped the display, pulled the panel and baked it yesterday for ~4 hours @ 90C (I'm in the UK)... The r
  7. Resurrecting this old thread in the hope of some advice / guidance from the pros... I have a Mac Plus which decided to go "pop" recently when I powered it up. Inspecting the 'board shows a blown fuse and a disintegrated Q12... ...further inspection, also seems to indicate that the insulation on the flyback transformer is gone... This happened a couple of months back... and I vaguely recall finds bits of 'something' - which may have been the fragmented insulation... A visual inspection of the 'board doesn't show anything else amiss... it's actually
  8. Although not directly related... I have a Plus which a couple of months back went snap/pop = dead. Inspecting the [International] AB showed that Q12 had disintegrated... I'm researching now and found another thread here discussing Q12 - Thought it might help if you've not run across it... Did you get yours back up and running?
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