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  1. Doesn't look like it's a VCC issue... compared this 'board to my [working] Mercury 030 and the +5V pins from the PDS are carried onto the 'board. In fact, they are connected to the two right-most pins of the power connector...
  2. Yeah... I d/l'd and saw they were Mercury-specific... drat! Feared that as well... I know a couple of MLA'rs have one of these... but set up for a Plus - the ones I've seen do have a chip at U4. My only hope is that it's only required in "Plus" mode... but that's likely a wild hope... Yeah... I've been wondering that too... I'll see if I can do some probing... Thanks for the info / suggestions!
  3. Good to know... Speaking of while we're at it... I recently acquired a Gemini 030 in a sad state... it's configured for an SE, but it doesn't appear to be working... all I get when powering up is this... no "bong", no pointer... I suspect it's because one of the GAL? chips is missing [U4, upper left] (but really have no idea)... Open to any suggestions or happy to send to you if you want / have time to take a look... Does the file you attached include GAL details for the Gemini?
  4. It certainly says Mercury 030 Plus on the 'board... but the one I have is for the SE as well, and has a PDS connector. No sign of that on this one... Are you sure? The oscillator is 20Mhz... that memory expansion does look like a later one... v1.2... How many flavors of these did they actually make? Are there any ex-Total Systems ppl still kicking around?
  5. Here are pics of my card... ...as you can see, apart from the 50Mhz crystal, very similar to the OP's ... BTW, does anyone know if it's at all possible to drive a modern (TFT, etc.) monitor with one of these?
  6. Not at the moment... I'm mid-restore of an SE/30... the one this card came in had terminal battery damage. I *might* have one I can borrow... stay tuned...
  7. Should be able to... give me a couple of days... I have a day job, sadly... I'll also post a pic of my actual card.
  8. Just spotted one difference... mine has a 50Mhz oscillator... otherwise it's identical to the OP's picture.
  9. Resurrecting this, since I recently picked up a Maxell-bombed SE/30 with this exact same card... Interestingly, the ROM on mine has a label with "Spark Monochrome". @unity did you ever get it working? Anyone know anything about Spark"
  10. I recently acquired a Total Systems Mercury 030 accelerator from another MLA'r... it had the default configuration and works perfectly in my SE - now SE/030! I'd like to try it out in my Plus, which I know it supports. However, I can't find any documentation on how to set the jumpers and connect the Mercury to my Plus logic board. I know I'll need to solder some headers onto the 68000 (my Mercury has socket headers, so I just need pins on the 68000), and I believe I have to tap into the oscillator on the Plus logic board and possibly also 5V power... Does anyone out
  11. Sure... could not tell the orientation from the backlight shot ...
  12. I think you'll find that's pin 7... assuming that chip follows TTL counter-clockwise numbering convention. I did try out MacTest the other day... but not on a 68k machine (all mine were out of action). I couldn't see anything obvious about 'remote' mode, however, but I suppose that may be a vintage 68k-only thing... I gotmy SE back up and running today, so I'll have another go with the period-correct version tomorrow or over the weekend. Something else... I was pointed by an acquaintance (who used to work for Apple years ago) to the following... - https
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