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  1. Thanks for the reply. Makes sense. Once I have a working OS version & drivers installed, keyboard & mouse should begin working? No additional configuration or setup?
  2. I recently won an 8500 in auction; it arrived with a KeySpan PCI USB card. Which versions of MacOS are compatible with this card, potentially? I've seen references to OS 8.6, and 9.0 & 9.1... Any chance 8.0 could be made to work with it? I tried installing the drivers available on 8.0 and plugging in a keyboard doesn't seem to do anything. I'm really just interested in mouse & keyboard functionality - not much use for anything else
  3. Right - that is my thinking as well. Either finding the code that constructs the packets, and overwriting the bytes there, or perhaps even simpler, finding the code that determines the local IP in the first place, and overwriting there, should result in a seamless solution. Not necessarily - plenty of modifications to programs have been made without source code access This problem can be thought of as analogous to removing copy protection, for example.
  4. This is actually a really good idea. If I am understanding the discussion in this thread correctly, it should be possible to patch the app to do exactly this, and have things work 'natively' - as long as everyone is using the patched version. It might be worth doing this as a low-cost proof of concept, or short-term way to scratch people's networked Bolo 'itch'.
  5. I haven't had a bad eBay shipping experience in many years, so I was caught by surprise a couple of weeks ago when an IIci showed up in the mail... The seller just put it in a big cardboard box, and threw a few pieces of crumpled up paper in there with it. I've never seen a worse packing job in my life. When I picked it up I could hear bits ratting around inside of the case. When I got it opened up, the speaker bracket had come loose and was just flopping around inside the case. The top case had cracked and split off from the bottom, and one of the 'latches' at the back had snapped off.
  6. Thanks for the replies -- yeah I originally planned to order from apple rescue of Denver before noticing they were out of stock too. Doh! I've been keeping an eye on eBay. Great pointer to Herb's store - I've sent him a note. Looks like he might have some feet as well - fingers crossed! Small world -- looks like is based a hop, skip, and a jump from where I grew up and spent most of my formative years. I'd be surprised if a bunch of his SGI stuff didn't come from the same place I used to play around on the Princeton campus back in the early 90's, learning ho
  7. I've recently been resurrecting a IIci and managed to get just about everything working. One thing that's starting to bother me is that I don't have an interrupt switch -- all three of the machines & cases that I've used to cobble this thing together are missing theirs Anyone know of a source for these? I've seen re-creations for the all-in-one Macs, and even the Q650, but nothing for the IIci / Q700. thanks!
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