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  1. Wow! I’m looking at a 66mhz 486 for now as it’s cheaper until I can find the cable but that I must say is quite tempting to go after something like you did.
  2. Thanks for the information everyone! Time to find the darn breakout cord at an affordable price. I can't believe how expensive those cords are! Hopefully I can find one for less than 80$
  3. Awesome! I've really wanted one of these as I wanted to one machine for retro Mac and DOS computing. Last two questions I have and to leave this as open knowledge for anyone else: Is that white simm a VRAM simm? What 486 CPU would you recommend for the card?
  4. Ok! Do you think the breakout cable could fit in there without the extender?
  5. Hi everyone! I've been scrolling around on eBay trying to find a dos compatibility card for my Quadra 650 and I keep seeing listings like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/313102919138?hash=item48e66365e2:g:vTAAAOSwIf9e1Y-L It looks like it would fit the PDS slot, right? But then I find a listing like this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/265064497345?hash=item3db71340c1:g:pVYAAOSwVJBgNO4G It looks like the same card, but on an adapter bracket as it's for the power Macintosh 6100. So here is my question: Would either one of thes
  6. That’s good to know. Would you happen to have their contact information? I’d love to get in touch!
  7. Wow! They look really great! Any way to share those STL files? I have a Powerbook 520 that needs a new one.
  8. So I’ve made some progress. The drive was not working due to the head being REAL stuck from the grease. Moving it a little caused the head to seek and spin the drive. Now I’m at the next issue, it can read any drives. It detects a floppy is present but can’t read anything on it. I suspect the heads are dirty but wanted to double check something: is 70% alcohol ok to clean with it? It’s all I have on hand. If not, then I’ll try to get 90%, but it’s quite tricky to find it in a decent quantity here.
  9. I’ll try this and get back to you on it. Thanks!
  10. How would you recommend getting this software onto my PowerBook? I have an Ethernet adapter but I have no idea how to configure it for something like a file server.
  11. I’m continuing off of this one as it doesn’t seem to make sense creating another one on the same machine. Ok! I just got the cable for my PowerBook 520c and after plugging in the cable and trying a disk, no spinning noises or it being ejected. It will only come out if force eject it out. I’ll attach a video but I am sure the cable is in securely and correctly. What should I do? 63304234520__7D83EDA0-C510-4340-B03E-BD581FFA1871.MOV
  12. I have that spare so I may try this out @jimjimx. Thanks for the idea!
  13. Reminds me of the old word processors from Brother. That’s one nice machine!
  14. If anyone wants the lower assembly, its up for sale in the trading post.
  15. I was so worried I had spent money for nothing. Had that happen with some ram that turned out to be faulty. eBay returns are not always amazing.
  16. It’s ALIVE Both the ram and cpu are working just great with the new brick. And I can now confirm it was the old one. Guess it’s time to make a new one with the cable. Since I now have some extra parts, along with an entire lower assembly, I’ll test the parts and sell them here someone else can use them. Thanks everyone! This PowerBook just needs a SCSI2SD and it will be finished. Emmy
  17. If I could, I would just get blank plates and make that. I’m no master when it comes to building electronics from scratch so I’ll have to take real good care of that power supply until I can understand how the power supply works.
  18. My power supply is on its way. From seeing the pictures and retesting my own, which gets no current on any hole, make me really hope and think it was that power supply. I wonder if there is a guide to make a modern replacement using the head for the plug, since its uncommon.... Guess I’ll continue looking
  19. I just purchased a power supply from a seller on eBay. Very much hope that this is the reason my PowerBook will not turn on. Should be coming later this month.
  20. Yep I’ll do that tonight. Off to buy a new one! Thanks everyone. I’ll update this when I get a new and see if that does it.
  21. It does not read anything on the rails. I think it’s shot. Thanks for the listing I put an offer in for it. Looks like I will most likely need a new one.
  22. Just tried your solution and it still won’t spin up or chime. Starting to thing it’s that power supply. I may get a replacement to try but what would I get?
  23. Ok! I’ve checked the cpu, tried it without ram and tried a spare with no luck. No chime, no boot. I have plugged in speakers in the audio jack and tried an and keyboard to power it on, no dice. I have not checked the dc power as I don’t know the pin out. I have a multimeter but can anyone tell me the pin out for it? I don’t want to short anything. Also there is no battery installed on either side as I do not own one.
  24. I’ll start check off from this list ASAP. Would you have any idea where I would find the pinout? Last time I looked, albeit briefly, I came up short.
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