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  1. I tried to compile xstarroll(a simple X11 demo) and when i ran it it gave me this error: Has anyone seen anything like this before. This is Apple's official X11 for Mac OS X.5 Leopard PPC.
  2. You might want to run Apple's diagnostics(to make sure it's indeed working), you need the right one for your machine, some of them are hard to find: https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/apple-hardware-test-cds
  3. If I can't use it with my PC, I'll just keep it, in case the one in my Mac dies.
  4. I wonder why they went with VGA/PS2, would think that would confuse people.(I just got this Mac keyboard but it does not work on my clone).
  5. It looks like I have the Mac specif card, so it won't work, oh well .
  6. So the card is flashable, I just not to find the exact ROM, that part is hard.
  7. Hi I upgraded from a ATI Rage 128 Mac to ATI Radon 7000 Mac and now want to use the Rage in an old PC(cause I here it's very compatible with older OSes), do you know where I can find the PC ROM for this and is it possible to flash it? -Jamie Marchant
  8. Has anyone written an easy to understand guide to OpenFirmware?
  9. It could be the IDE cable I would think it would be the drive's power cable. Is they a manual eject?
  10. I have my own disks, even a diagnostic disk, just had not had time to try and fix the machine recently.
  11. I could try a Linux Live CD, maybe it is a software issue.
  12. I just got around to changing the battery and the Mac still does not remember the time and has shut down randomly at the login screen a few times.
  13. The "spare" would be unopened and probably has an expiry date on it. I bought some in packs of two cause it was cheaper.
  14. Yes, I am just waiting for my Sister to come over who has some tools that will make it easier. Then we have to find a spare which I am sure I have lying around somewhere.
  15. I'm kind of afraid if I open the case I might break it so I don't need to, I don't want too. If I need to, I think I know someone who can help.
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