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  1. Hi I upgraded from a ATI Rage 128 Mac to ATI Radon 7000 Mac and now want to use the Rage in an old PC(cause I here it's very compatible with older OSes), do you know where I can find the PC ROM for this and is it possible to flash it? -Jamie Marchant
  2. Has anyone written an easy to understand guide to OpenFirmware?
  3. It could be the IDE cable I would think it would be the drive's power cable. Is they a manual eject?
  4. I have my own disks, even a diagnostic disk, just had not had time to try and fix the machine recently.
  5. I could try a Linux Live CD, maybe it is a software issue.
  6. I just got around to changing the battery and the Mac still does not remember the time and has shut down randomly at the login screen a few times.
  7. The "spare" would be unopened and probably has an expiry date on it. I bought some in packs of two cause it was cheaper.
  8. Yes, I am just waiting for my Sister to come over who has some tools that will make it easier. Then we have to find a spare which I am sure I have lying around somewhere.
  9. I'm kind of afraid if I open the case I might break it so I don't need to, I don't want too. If I need to, I think I know someone who can help.
  10. Hi: The other day, my Mac Mini G4 gave a warning telling me the time was set wrong, I fixed it but it's giving me that error again. I suspect the battery is dead. Does it need to be removed? I could just set the time every time I power it on, but I am afraid of it leaking? -Jamie
  11. Nice to see my idea works! :)Too bad there is not much documentation on this.
  12. Thank you, I imagine it will be very slow for me too :(. Oh well, still very interesting to know you can do such a thing. I love "hacks" like this.
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