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  1. Yes, it seemed to work fine on the original 4 GB HDD. I don't think it's practical to do native SATA because I want to run OS 9 and the very few PCI SATA cards that run under OS 9 are difficult to attain or too expensive. What could be some reasonably priced PCI IDE controllers compatible with booting OS 9 to look for?
  2. Hello, I posted on this forum before about my Powermac G3 all in one machine rescued from a scrapper a year and a half ago. I found that the machine would constantly restart and make crackling noises from the CRT, so I was initially disappointed, but later I disassembled it and did some soldering touch ups to cracked solder joints on a major internal power connector. The soldering did help, and especially after letting the machine sit for a while without use, it seems to be 99% stable in regards to the CRT and not having sudden restarts. I only mention this issue because of the small possibili
  3. I'm new to this forum, but I figured that this is as good of a time as any to start in it. Yesterday, I bought a Molar Mac from an e-scrap center. It was sold as untested for $5, but fortunately, it is completely functional! The top section of the case has some damage, and there's some huge pen/pencil mark on the side, but otherwise, it is in good condition. The machine booted up off it's original hard drive to Mac OS 8.1, and as evidenced by the sticker on the side, it was owned by a local school district. There was nothing of particular interest on the drive, but there were numerous gam
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