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  1. Update I have verified that the clock keeps time and brightness, sound, and mouse settings all survive a reboot. I've also run a few ram test programs under system 6 and they did not find any problems. The ram test in the Snooper testing program crashed with a Buss Error. I don't know if this rules out any MUX chip problems. I've also tried a few different ram configurations with no change. I found a matrix of data and address lines for the SE/30 in the forum and will work tracing them tonight. I also have to get Macsbug and multifinder over to floppys and learn to use them.
  2. I know it sounds like a software issue but for that to be the case, all of the following would have to be true: 1 - Over 50 logic boards that I have repaired using my testing drive with system 7.1 have some sort of hardware problem that ignores a bad system folder. 2 - All my original Apple provided System Tools floppy disk have a corrupt system on them. 3 - Only my system 6 based floppies are good. I've never used a debugging tool so I have study up on that. Right now I'm thinking that system 7 must be trying to load into an area in memory that
  3. It happens at the same point each time. A few seconds after the "Welcome To Macintosh" appears, the mouse pointer shows up in the top left of the screen. and the hard drive activity stops. Moving the mouse does move the pointer on the screen. I haven't hit the interrupt switch but I will try that later tonight. I also tried running Mactest and it passed all the test. When I run Snooper it fails the ram test with a "Buss Error". I'm running Mactest and Snooper from the hard drive but booting from a system 6.08 floppy. I've already spent way too much time on this but I'm too anal to give u
  4. Thanks to everyone that has responded to my issue so far. I worked on the board more today with no success. It boots fine from a floppy with system 6.08 and mounts the hard drive that I use for testing. This SE/30 board will not boot from a hard drive or floppy that have any version of system 7 with or without extensions. The pram has also been zapped with no affect. Just to confirm that my system 7.1 hard drive and 7.1 floppies are good, today I used them without any problems on 4 other logic boards I have. Last year I had a Classic logic board that had the exact same problem but I don'
  5. I won’t be getting back to the board until tomorrow. I’ve tried my 7.1 and 7.5 hard drives, both boot up to the “Welcome to Macintosh” screen and then locks up at that point. It won’t boot from any system 7.X disk tools floppy either. Both of my system 7 hard drives as well as my floppy disk work perfectly with 2 of my good SE/30 logic boards. Just to confirm things, I just installed one of my good SE/30 boards along with the ram and Rom Sim from the problem board and it boots up perfectly. I’m having a very hard time thinking that this is a software problem. Thanks,
  6. I tried to make it clear that all the components connected to the problem board are good. They all work properly with my several good SE/30 logic boards. The ROM Sim is the stock Apple version and I tried several good ones that I have with the same results. The hard drive has system 7.1 installed. It's not a machine specific installation that I use it for testing and works properly when connected to a good Plus, SE, SE/30, Classic, or Classic II logic board. The problem is definitely related to the one SE/30 board that I'm working on. I wish it wasn't a board problem as it would be a lot
  7. I'm repairing an SE/30 logic board for a friend and have a problem with booting up with system 7. I don't have any history with this board, but it had some corrosion in the battery holder but was otherwise very clean. I have successfully recapped and repaired over 50 logic boards, and this board is the one of the cleanest I've ever encountered. I have a working SE/30 that I use for troubleshooting and am using this to test this board, so I know that the analog board, hard drive and floppy are good. I've also installed the good Ram and Rom Sim from my good board into the problem board, Boo
  8. I've searched the forum but couldn't find an answer to this. I would like to work on the analog board without being connected to a CRT and logic board. I have a problem in the low voltage power supply section and it would be much easier to work on out in the open. I would use an old hard drive to load up the 5 and 12 volt supplies, but I don't want the high voltage section to be active. Is a video signal required to activate the high voltage, or do I need to have a CRT connected during my testing. Thanks,
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