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  1. Sure enough, I found a bad connection one of the capacitors I replaced on the memory board. Now I have clean video and a Low - High - Low beeps which indicates an issue with the I/O board. So close!!
  2. @stepletonIt's a single low beep. Per the service manual it looks like it's a problem with memory or CPU. The memory board recap was a little rough, so I'll check the traces on that first.
  3. Turns out I didn't plug in the cable for vertical deflection, doh! Now I get a beep and some corruption on the screen. I'm guessing this is a bad trace or memory, but if you have advice for where to focus, please let me know.
  4. I've been restoring a rusted out Lisa 2 / Mac XL and just got first signs of life. It's showing a horizontal dashed line. If I remove the memory board, the line becomes less defined. Increasing the brightness makes the line way too bright which makes me think I have a deflection issue. The PSU has been recapped and both 12v and 5v rails are okay. The video board has been recapped, but I haven't tried adjusting any of the pots on it yet. The edge connector on the CPU board is somewhat rough. It is possible not all pins are making a connection. I completely rebuilt the
  5. The original post doesn't cover C7 which is a .33uF 250v film cap. I'll add it with dimensions an lead spacing to an updated graphic soon. In the mean time, here's a photo of my recapped PSU. With a Hakko pump it was pretty painless to do.
  6. Upon further research it seems these are .1uF (not .01uf) glass capacitors. It's hard to tell if this package type provides and major benefit over a more typical epoxy packages, but I found some stock of these on eBay so will replace like for like.
  7. I'm restoring a Mac XL / Lisa that had a lot of corrosion damage on the frame parts. I removed the rust with Muriatic acid. It worked great, but that stuff is super nasty. I was taking them to a plating shop who does bead-blasting and chemical rust removal anyway, so it was super not worth it. You should be able to take your frame to a local plating shop and they can sort it for you. The finished part will still have pits though. I recommend getting it zinc or nickel plated. They should be about the same price.
  8. I just use a standard ATX extension cable. Cheap and ready to use from Amazon. It's wider than the connector on the compact Macs, but still mates with it and is pin compatible. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VN3DRFW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. Can someone help confirm the value and type of caps at these locations on the motherboard? The label is tiny but looks like it's 104 25v. I'm assuming that means 10,000pF (0.01uF) and that this is a non-polar ceramic cap. Is that correct?
  10. I don't see any witness marks like that. It's a mystery for now
  11. So this is possibly an earlier Apple-owned production device that had a cable revision being tested?
  12. @maceffectsThe model is A6S0300 with memory option A6S0304. Do you know what the "Applenet" number refers to?
  13. As I was stripping down the Mac XL I'm restoring I noticed this wiring harness says 'Prototype'. Curious to know if any production units shipped with a label like this or if it's indicative of the whole unit being a prototype. The rest of the unit seems normal, but I'm new to Lisas so might be missing other signs. It was made in February 1982. Maybe an early production thing?
  14. I'm in the middle of restoring a Mac XL. I didn't see a capacitor map online for these. So here is one in case its helpful to others. Pardon the cob web filled PSU. I'll be cleaning that In addition to these there are some axial electrolytic caps on the CPU / IO boards too. Those are: (19x) 10uF 16v 85º 12mm L x 5mm D (1x) 470uF 6.3v 85º 17mm L x 8mm D (1x) 2.2uF 50v 85º 13mm L x 6mm D (1x) 47uF 16v 85º 14mm L x 6MM D
  15. Yeah I’m not really looking to spend a lot of time on this, but figured I’d make them available for people who really want them. FWIW I priced them at $10/set on eBay with much smaller volume discounts. So there’s a substantial discount for people who buy here.
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