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  1. @kingofloose Not quite French, but I’m Swiss, from the french speaking part (in Lausanne). I always try to find french versions of software and the Lisa os1 is a very rare one. @stepletonhas been very kind to help dump the french Lisa Office I have and spent an extensive time trying to recover data from them. Unfortunately they had lots of mold residues on the surface and even with cleaning with special products he was not able to extract data. Let’s hope that your floppies are in better shape.
  2. @kingofloose Wow! Never seen those, what is their story? I’m very interested for sure, do you have a mean to dump their content with the BLU utility?
  3. Thanks for sharing your experience, I’m not ready for the big jump yet but I may try once.
  4. Thanks fo the tip ! With the help of this group I now have 2-3 adresses in Europe To work with.
  5. Thanks, I have been already advised to contact him and I already tried but with no success. I will try again.
  6. Thanks for your advices. As I don’t know how to solder and it’s difficult to find people that are recapping as a service in Europe, I was hoping that I could send for recap only one of the board of each system that I have ( I have 7 classic and a Lisa 2). Given all the messages above, I think I will have to take some soldering lessons and try to do it myself.
  7. I read everywhere that you should preventively recap all old Macs. This process is complex and takes time and expertise that I don’t have. There is also the question about what to recap, analog board? Motherboard? PSU ? All of them ? I the perspective of finding the sweet spot between effort/cost and risk of damage to the computer would it make sense to recap only components that, if they explode, may cause great damage and leave the others alone and change them only when they break down? if yes what would be the elements that definitely needs to be recapped?
  8. Hello, I’m about to install the Radius Dos on Mac card that I recently purchased in my powermac 7200. Are there any advice for easy installation or precautions to take ? For example this will drain more power from the PSU and I wonder if the 7200 is prone to exploding caps problem. I’m afraid this could damage my 7200 if I do something wrong. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks very much for this comprehensive answer and I'm reall thankful that you offer to gracefully dump the disks, Here are some comments about your message : John already confirmed to me that it would not be possible without some hardware modification. Anyway I don't have the Lisa OS 1.0 disks so my only hope was to install this french version of the Office suite 1.0 on my Lisa 2 which has Lisa OS 2.0 in english (on an x/profile CF card). Mabe it would be possible to do so if I send you the CF card (and also the x/profile card if you don't have it already). Given of course that
  10. I have a full Lisa office suite in French on Twiggy disks. My first objective would be to dump those disks in order to upload the images on archive.org and bitsavers.org. There is of course the problem that I don't have a twiggy drive, but I could lend the disks to someone that has one and would be willing to do the dump. Then there is the question of how to dump the content of the disks : I noticed that on Macintosh Garden or bitsaver there are images of twiggy disks in dc42 format. I can therefore assume that there's a way to do it, but how ? The second objective would be to convert
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