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  1. The battery is decidedly suspicious. It looks fantastic along with the rest of the machine so I'm not sure if it didn't leak because it was plugged in this whole time or not. Regardless, it is out and bagged and dated. I'll see when/if it explodes. -Sam
  2. @Torbar - Hah! So, I did just get back home - I left my place about 2A yesterday morning and became quite fatigued about 1.5 hours to the location at Hilton Head. Pulled over, took a nap, got up, made it to the haul and packed it up! Got about 2/3 of the way home, stopped for the night. Made the last of the trek home this morning! Haul includes: Mac IIci Dual page monochrome display LaserWriter IIntx Apple Scanner Extended Keyboard 2 boxes of assorted things I haven't yet had a chance to go spelunking through No yellowing on any of the plas
  3. So, I may have accidentally bought an IIci complete setup without consideration for how to get it home. Let's put it this way, the deal was way too good to pass up, but the entire collection is currently sitting at the local USPS store in South Carolina (US) waiting for me to approve the ~$800 shipping costs or to come get the gear. Problem is, I'm about 7.5 hours away over in TN. I'm dealing with the automotive logistics for spending a day on the road to go get this, but was wondering if anyone was in the area that could help me out with logistics. If you're in the Hilton Head area and willin
  4. Thanks for the link @netfreak- good looking guide, it will come in handy! -Sam
  5. Thanks @PotatoFi! An external CD-ROM is of course a must have for the build. I went to the definitive A/UX resource on the internets: http://www.aux-penelope.com I had to make a couple of inferences and assumptions (especially around memory management and the BMOW ROM), but by and large, it was pretty straightforward if you've got a little bit of UNIX know how. -Sam
  6. Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. I hope this is the right place to brag about finally getting an SE/30 of mine in good working order, resurrected with help of @PotatoFi, and running A/UX! It was a gift to me from a high school buddy. Several years back I learned about leaking batteries and caps and after a few cross country packages and some judicious parts swapping from donor machines, it appears that my long awaited "perfect" A/UX machine is up and running! It's sporting the factory spinning drive, 128M of RAM, an ethernet adapter (which works!) and a BMOW 32bit clean ROM. S
  7. Well done sir! That's a beautiful walk through. -Sam
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