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  1. At least you have rain. Over here in CA, it's pretty much endless fire danger (of varying intensity) except a few months between late February and early June where it's at its minimum; this period is basically the same as the rest of the year, except cooler, and usually with at least some rain. So, miserable as it may be at times, be glad you have rain! You don't want to live in fire country during an extreme drought, as I've been doing for many years now.... Hurricanes, though. They're kinda the east/southeast coast equivalent of our fires, I guess? Any
  2. Aside from the fact that everything is socketed and the metal frame around the ports is missing, I can't tell that it isn't a genuine SE Logic Board! But does it work? I guess you'll have to get your PSU working first before you can find out.... c
  3. Neither did I, until I installed a hard drive in mine while rebuilding it, not knowing I had an install of 10.4 on it. I was very surprised to see it boot up to 10.4 when I expected the drive to be blank! c
  4. Yep. The Lombard can even run 10.4, but can't run an unmodified installer on it, as has an arbitrary blocklist that prevents the installer form running on machines without built-in Firewire; The OS itself has no such block, so to work around it, one can simply install 10.4 on an officially supported machine and swap the hard drive into the Lombard. It's quite slow, but it'll work. c
  5. There's a very good reason for this: He was permanently banned after he allegedly had some kind of falling out with the mods and admins, the exact details of which were (rightly) never made public. c
  6. Indeed. That would seem to be a very poor design on Apple's part if that is the case. c
  7. As far as I know, the Plus is the only Mac known to not have termination power. c
  8. Even though I don't know much about PhoneNet, I have to agree with @LaPorta, because logically, why would PhoneNet have been designed to be compatible with ordinary telephone wiring, yet require a special kind of crossover cable in order to work? I'd suppose it could've been intentionally designed to use either, maybe with a preference for crossover to ensure optimal throughput, with a fallback mode to ensure maximum compatibility with standard phone wiring, but I'm only speculating here. c
  9. CC_333

    A very late 040

    @IIfx Permafrost 630CD? I think your spell checker might have gone AWOL a bit here and decided to invent a new Macintosh model!! Silliness aside, this is a good find! c
  10. Goes to show that with enough persistence, even unobtanium can occasionally be obtained by common people at common prices Good job!! c
  11. True, but that's for modern Macs, yes? Couldn't something similar be made that can run on 68k/early PPC Macs? c
  12. The Shapeways gears are designed for the 800k/1.44MB auto-inject floppy drives, whereas the drive used in the Color classic is, from what I can tell, a manual-inject drive, for which the Shapeways gears won't work. The manual-inject drives are much more common, having been used on many late-model 68k Macs and all Power Macs up to and including the beige G3, so perhaps it'd be simpler to find a replacement drive? That being said, these won't be common forever, so maybe we should start considering getting replacement gears made for them too? c
  13. Well, I don't know, but since it appears to be a regular '040-type socket, maybe you can simply replace it? It'd be a huge chore to desolder all those pins, though... Or maybe, as an alternative, you can drill out the broken pin stubs and solder appropriately thin header pins in their place? c
  14. It's funny this came up! I don't want to hijack @elemenoh's thread (I'll start my own at some point), but I'm facing a similar problem. I have four drives, three 1.4Mb and one 800k, and I can't get any of them to work. Mechanically, they're all in good working order, the stepper motors are good, and the ejection action is smooth. But whatever I do, I can't get any of them to successfully format a disk! I think they do the same thing as yours: format for about 30 seconds, and then when attempting to verify, it'll stall for a couple seconds, then retract the head and t
  15. I think this can happen if either the type/creator info or resource fork gets mangled. It probably happened somehow when it got zipped. c
  16. Definitely. It's probably not 100% safe and should be fixed ASAP, but at least you can play around with it for now. c
  17. I know I'm late here, but I experienced a similar problem on my 540c with NuPowr PPC upgrade, wherein any RAM expansion I installed would cause a weirdly distorted chime and no boot -- the screen stayed dark. The only difference was that everything was normal if I ran it without a RAM board, but with only 8 MB of onboard RAM. At least it booted at all, though, because replacement PPC upgrades aren't exactly easy to find! After much staring, I discovered that that somehow a pin had gotten bent inside the socket on the NuPowr board, which was apparently shorting against an adjacent
  18. I really like this! I have a literal box full of 500 series display plastics which are broken in this manner, and it would be nice to be able to reuse them. Do you think your 140/170 piece will fit unmodified into a 150? I ask because the plastics of my 150 pretty much shattered. c
  19. Yes, especially if it's an RTL8139 (which has got to be one of the most common NIC chipsets on the planet, and it has driver support to match; in my experience, it seems to have drivers for just about every version of Windows, DOS, and Mac OS 8.6 and up, plus numerous linuxes/unixes/BSDs and I think even OS/2). c
  20. Perhaps make this optional, and provide a kit of cut strips upon request for the user to apply as needed, since the tolerance of SIMM slots seems to vary (some work fine with 1.2mm SIMMs, whereas others seem to require 1.27mm exactly). c
  21. Next up, we can come up with a reproduction analog board that contains all the circuitry needed to drive a modern LCD, then, with maceffects' clear case, we can have a 95% reproduction SE or SE/30! (we could get this pretty close to 100% if we can figure out how to clone the custom Apple ICs or somehow re-implement their functions without salvaging them from dead boards). That would be interesting. While you're at it, rework the power supply circuitry so it can run without a battery, if need be, and have the redesign be implement-able on an otherwise stock Portable LB (for tho
  22. At least it doesn't use any BGA stuff! Definitely seconded 10,000%!!! c
  23. Actually, I'm 99.8% sure that's for the speaker? This is a very incredible project! If anyone ever does one for the SE/30 (probably much more ambitious, but technically not much harder than this, I'd suppose? At least better schematics exist for it?), I'd consider giving one a try, as I have several boards which, if I haven't sold them all, I could salvage custom chips off of. If there were a way to do it non-destructively (there probably is), I suppose one could even "borrow" the custom chips from a working board as well for testing purposes, yes? c
  24. Hmm, that's weird. I don't know much about this, but I think I've read in passing (while attempting to solve other problems) that symptoms like this can be indicative of either failed resistors or diodes somewhere in the affected circuit. I guess you could check for burnt R's and D's and replace any that you find? It could be as simple as a broken solder joint too, so check any connections for continuity while your at it. c
  25. There's a little spring that pulls the two halves of the head assembly together (kind of like a "pincer"), and I've found that on drives that do as you describe, that spring has lost some of its tension, either due to age, or maybe by being overstretched somehow. There are little cams or steps on each spring mount that allow for some adjustment, and when I move the spring a step or two higher on each, the drive starts working like normal, presumably because the heads now have better contact with the disk. c
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