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  1. Had forgot about zip drives! I seem to remember having one connected to the se/30 at some point. Time to dig deeper into the pile of parts in the basement.
  2. Unfortunately this SE/30 is my only remaining Macintosh, so LocalTalk isn't an option. I used to administrate a large Macintosh lab years ago. We even had LocalTalk to ethernet bridges setup (I think they were called Gatorboxes.) Sadly I don't have access to any of that hardware anymore... I'll probably either attempt to mount the drive on a PC with a scsi card or resort to floppies. Anyone ever serially connected a mac and a pc? (Would be slow, but there isn't a whole lot of data involved.) Here is a screenshot of speedometer tests. Similar in performance to a IIfx. A "Snoop
  3. After finding this forum, I decided to pull my apparently quite rare(*) SE/30 from it's Targus bag in my basement. Amazingly, the PRAM battery was still intact and no capacitor leakage was present. I then hooked it up to an old 17" crt and powered it on with no sound problems. It booted into System 7.5.5 just as I left it. Wow! Already wasted a few hours playing some of the games still installed. Ah, the memories of college... Anyway, does anyone have any tips on how to best transfer some old data off of the internal scsi drive? Are floppies my only hope? (I'd have to find a PC wit
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