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  1. We're in luck! Reactivemicro.com is going to make more of the Transwarp GS accelerator clones this summer and they are taking pre-orders now at TranswarpGS pre-order ! Placed an order (i hapened to have money after selling other retro stuff) and can't really wait to get in hold of one. These cards (originals) are getting really expensive in order to regular hobbyists buying them and i believe, modern clone, is more long lasting than original from the 80's. OK, those might be more collectable of cause but..
  2. There is uthernet II card for the Apple II at -> http://a2retrosystems.comthey are producing more of them in the future so keep checking that site.
  3. Have you guys been able to read the ROM files? I might be in need of them as well in the future....
  4. There will be FASTchip //GS "soon" as well. That i do not know when it'll be out. I'd wait till 2018.
  5. FASTchip //e from a2heaven.com preview sample copy preview now at : http://finapple.hho.fi/finapple/index.php/2017/06/15/im-going-fast-with-fastchip-e/ It's low energy consuming Accelerator card for Apple //-series with acceleration from 0 to 16.6Mhz. You can stop the CPU, or by using rotary knob, adjust the CPU to run almost any frequincy from 0 to 16.6Mhz! This is very very handy. Current development version works in Apple //e but soon in Platinum //e and ][+ as well. Not yet available but should be in summer-fall of 2017 for 150 dollars shipped everywhere from http://a2heaven.c
  6. Very much same thoughts! I have two, another one is almost perfect condition just lacking the battery replacement. Scutboy, i am happy you've made progress with the Outbond! New tread is in order?
  7. I can be help on that, translating if needed Glad he got it working. Those are not common beasts at all. Too bad the display is not in perfect shape.
  8. Great that you received it! It made long flight over the atlantic to reach you. Please continue (maybe new tread is in order?) how/what you do to it and what it requires to get it running & what you might found from the HDD. I never had time to play around with it & obtain parts etc so i am interested to see how it works out.
  9. With new software "Passport" by famous Apple II hacker/cracker "4am" you can verify your vintage Apple II - floppies and if needed, crack them automaticly. It wont support all protection schemes yet, but it's an start for sure. Download: https://archive.org/details/Passport4am Available in several languages : English, German, French, Finnish, Spanish. Works with CFFA3000 etc sd/usb based solutions (write your copy to .dsk). Wonder if this would been released in late 1980's heh. Stunning.
  10. Mine came in the AppleCAT;
  11. It's part of the AppleCAT diagnostic set.
  12. Cosmo

    IMG 0801

    Thanks for sharing these mate.
  13. Cosmo

    Apple IIGS

    Absolutely insanely great find! Yes, CFFA3000 works with IIGS, just needs one dip switch in different position. Absolutely *must have* for Apple II machines.
  14. By Brandon Bogle and Brian Picchi! Great idea for an game! I just dropped to the floor when i saw this Download the diskimage from: http://tanrunomad.com/official-games/ (or support the developers and buy the zip-bagged disk with manual!) and youtube video at : I am so happy there's more new games for specially Apple II these days! Makes me really wish i could code. There's an longer discussion about how it was programmed over at Facebook/Apple II Enthusiasts-group if you're interested.
  15. Not at all! Even in that condition. Should be rather easily reparable. To me it looked that it wasn't early model (power switch, color of the slots) but that really doesn't matter. Me want. Very much.
  16. This is very interesting development, thanks Uni!
  17. Cosmo

    Outbound 125!

    What do you guys think of this, would it work if the connector would fit? http://www.verkkokauppa.com/fi/product/0276/dfxtm/SlimCharger2-90W-TRAVEL-universaali-virtalahde-kannettaville#product-description High-performance, ultra-slim universal power adapter for almost all notebook computers. A great solution for the power supply to replace the lost! LCD display that shows the voltage. 11 different connectors. Automatically detects the voltage of the connector. Comes with 2-pin Euro power cable, 3-pin UK power cable and 2-pin U.S. power cable. Size 144.5x 68 x 16.5 mm. 100-240V AC volt
  18. Cosmo

    Outbound 125!

    Found different model but same specs HP power supply, good candidate for power source. Hope to get mine running as well. By the way, show the connector you made to the PSU?
  19. There's discussion about it at http://www.applefritter.com/node/9479 if that would help you sir?
  20. Cosmo

    Outbound 125!

    Very nice find and with all the accesories needed! Do let know how you get it powered/working. I have not touched mine yet, other projects been on the way.
  21. Picked an another book, an ex library book, for few euros, Business in Action: APPLE - macintosh - the computer that changed everything Printed 1997 by William Gould, in English, 98 pages about the history of Apple and the products.
  22. Picked an book for few euro's with 3.5" disk - Macintosh Repair & Upgrade Secrets (1991, Hayden Books, 360pages)
  23. If somebody's interested, i could do an trade of the IIgs analog rgb-component-adapter for something Apple II - releated thing(s), shoot me an offer if so.
  24. Got the cable yesterday and tested it. It worked great, very very slight ghosting but really, it's berely notiseable. I am veeeery happy! It's been a quite task to get the IIgs running: - 115 -> 230V PSU conversion / rebuilt - Memory expansion card soldering/repair to work with 4MB - Custom Scart cable and getting suitable LCD/TV Still missing the IIgs keyboard, that's only thing missing. Kind of wanting an IIgs woz-edition machine as well ROM3 version.
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