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  1. Ok, thank you. I have indeed newer Macs but it would have been useful to setup this iMac G5 that I use only for statistics to also access the uni VPN
  2. Its the university that uses FortiClientVPN. Cannot get to connect with the VPN built in on OS X 10.5 and no 68k FortiClient versions exist. So I was wondering if any 3rd part alternative do exist.
  3. As per subject, is there any VPN client for 10.5?
  4. FOLLOW UP This iMac had two power problems: 1) the power button on the back plate gone 2) the power switch on the logic board de soldered. I isolated the power button with insulated tape, re-soldered the switch and then soldered two wires from the brass pods (see pictures) and routed outside the case through the vented grille. Now I can power the iMac by shorting the two wires. This is a temporary solution because this iMac has also some random and rare video artifacts that are sign if a dying GPU. Nice experiment tho
  5. The iMac G5 has a power button on the back cover that shorts two pin located on a switch soldered to the logic board. The switch is broken and I can only power the iMac using the power pads. Cannot get to locate this part in the market. Any hints?
  6. repasted with MX4 and now it’s much cooler. I also tried to replace processors but this time I couldn’t get to calibrate these two. Luckily these two are paired to a good lobo, so in future, in case of failure, I will have to replace processors and logic. These are the temperatures just after MX4 paste application: probably if back in 2005 this paste had been available Apple wouldn’t have bothered to go for liquid cooling... peaks are for email and ten4fox
  7. i guess that it’s better and more fun to source the replacement polarizer and fix yourself
  8. Are these temperatures in °C normal? The peaks are when Mail sends a message:
  9. I will, however they sell also 45° sheets. These are the last pictures of my 180c:
  10. These are from a D800 (the one with antialias filter) with a macro lens. White balance sucks. I never imagined how difficult is to take pictures of LCDs:
  11. Will try tomorrow with a proper camera, maybe it’s moire effect
  12. Polarizer removal. Incidentally, what do you suggest to remove the old adhesive traces. I tried with isopropyl alcohol and also with xilole, but it’s very obstinate. this is how it appears: Film removal is indeed easy https://youtu.be/RmRi7rBLEmY
  13. Follow up: 180c fixed. I bought both the adhesive and the non adhesive film. This is the first one, too many bubbles but will improve the technique. Next one will try with the non adhesive film. The correct orientation for PB 180c is 45°. This short video shows the effect of the polarizing film: https://youtu.be/zt_ntId-CA8
  14. I have just calibrated a G5 2.7 and a G5 2.0 after a 2.5 transplant. ASD says tads out of range or other amenities, but once booted off OS X both macs are quite and everything works as it should. In the past I kept running ASD and thermal calibrations over and over after reseating and swapping the processors. This time I rebooted forgetting to press the “c” key and discovered that thermal calibration, regardless ASD messages had gone through. Indeed I tried to rerun thermal calibration but ASD said that processors were calibrated and there was no need to run it. Hope thi
  15. Incidentally, should ASD be rerun if I replace the LCS with air?
  16. Ok, I managed to play with MacTCP and now Network Time works. Incidentally, are there any urls still viable just to see how Mosaic renders them? So far I cannot get to load anything.
  17. I have the router from the company that provides IPs in the 168.x values and an airport that is set to provide 10.0.1.x, I tried to hook the PB100 to both using respectively and I can see the printer and other vintage macs in the same network but cannot get to get out onto the internet. A more recent PB Wallstreet can surf the web from the same ethernet cable with the same IP address (dhcp though).
  18. I am trying to get onto the internet this PB100 running System 7.0.1up via MacTCP via fixed IP. It can print to a networked LaserWriter 12/640, but no internet, no email, no ftp, not even network time. I recall working flawlessy when I had dsl, but now with gigabit fiber I believe that something has changed. Is it still possibile to get this thing on the internet?
  19. Case positively closed: the early 2005 logic board of the liquid cooled 2x2.7 GHz PowerMac accept the 2.0 GHz FX processors. See picture:
  20. While at my project of fixing my busted G5 collection (accumulation) I discovered that some 2x2.0 GHz configurations have a logic board with the plug for the pump, so I assume that the upgrade of these units with 2.5 or 2.7 GHz processors (the only cooled by liquid excluding later dual) is feasible. Any thoughts on this? Logic board number is: 820-1592.
  21. I now have several good boards and several lcs. I managed to completely rebuild two flawless PB 100. Now I have some recapped logic boards and 4 lcd: 3 blacks and 1 good (but with a colums of dead pixels due to a crack in a corner). The 3 black lcds stay black with any logic and the good one is fine with any logic, so it must be something in the lcd circuitry. In my testing i am using the same inverter stuff, I swap only the lcd panel.
  22. I resurrect this old thread because I tested a bunch of black lcd with know good logic board and good inverter. Basically I simply swapped the black lcds to a known good combination of inverter and logic. Lcd recapped but the black syndrome stays therefore it must be something else on the lcd circuitry.
  23. Ok. So I ended up buying two more processors. Although they were 2.5GHz not the 2.7GHz (I wanted the 2.7 because these were the original and because there is a sort of historical value, being the 2.7 GHz PowerPC processor the one with the highest clock ever installed on a Mac) I could rule out a couple of bad logic boards and resurrect this Mac, which I bought new, back in 2005. I managed to calibrate the thing with the air cooling system and the original pump connected outside the case, however I had to rerun the calibration three times after swapping the two CPU and plugging another pum
  24. Went back to LCS. No chime. Back to air no chime. These G5 are a nightmare. Long ago I promised to myself to forget about G5s and then came this one from my university lab... what a frustration!
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