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  1. PCB is 80x100mm. There's a technical discussion with a bit more detail here: Just FYI to those who are building this: The BOM has a discrepancy (at least the CSV BOM on github does) where it calls for an atxmega64, while the firmware is built for atxmega128 in the makefile. I don't know if it will make a difference, but I would assume the 128 is the correct part. I ordered the atxmega64 from the BOM without checking, and it would program but wouldn't boot up. After a few minutes of head scratching/debugging, I realized I had the incorrect part. I changed the target AVR
  2. Ok so I just got these PCBs today, I had them done in red and here's what they look like. Component Solder And here's the board post-assembly. This took about 2 hours to complete. Please note the power jack holes are too large for the jack itself, so I wrapped some solder wick around the pins for void fill before soldering it down. Solder side I have 9 PCBs, people who are interested and posted above get first dibs. Please PM me with your address and I will send you my PayPal email so you can pay. Shipping
  3. Just wanted to publicly thank PotatoFi for the machine. I actually tried to save it, and while it cleaned up nicely (I suspect it could be fully cleaned easily in an ultrasonic), the CPU had suffered some physical damage that would make repair too time consuming. I needed the whole top case, so the CD bezel now part of my 6100. I tried to remove the feet (it only had 3) but they shattered into pieces along with the drive mounting assembly, I also tried to save the rear plastics but they were far too damaged from rust, the PSU was rusty and went in the bin. I do have the
  4. Ok I'll follow up with everyone once the PCBs arrive. Right now I still have a few unclaimed.
  5. I want to get this done before I lose interest, so I'm having 10x PCBs manufactured and ordered 1 set of parts from DigiKey. I didn't realize there was a box and power adapter included in the CSV BOM, so that added ~$30 to the cost. If you buy in 1x quantity, the total cost (without case or 5v adapter) is about $39 for parts from digikey, plus $2 per PCB. If anybody would like to buy one of the 9 spare PCBs for this, PM me and I will sell it to you for the $2 cost + ship cost.
  6. At work we use 3M 8810 for chips with bare dies like that. It will probably hold, but won't be great, even if you use strong thermal adhesive. Those screw type heatsinks aren't very common nowadays so you might be out of luck re-using the original parts. In combination with the thermal tape, I'd recommend getting a more modern heatsink with integrated clip, something like this (or check enzotech, as an alternate vendor): https://www.radianheatsinks.com/ez-snap-clip/
  7. Are these all spoken for? I could use one of these kits if not
  8. If anyone needs the Dynamac HDD init utility, here's a copy I took from off of my dying HDD so I could format a new one. I don't see it in the Dynamac stuff archive that was linked above. I'm not sure what the benefit of this is compared to just using the apple utility, other than giving you the Dynamac Hard Drive icon. https://archive.org/details/dynamac-hard-disk-init
  9. That 6115CD is a shame, still a nice haul though. I know this isn't a for sale thread but I could use the top cover, and HDI45 port from the logic board if you can part with it... I have a 6100 here that I dropped and shattered the top case of .
  10. You can get the software in the leaked RestoreTools 3 image, look for "RestoreTools3.pkg". You need to disable SIP to install it, then create /AppleInternal folder, you may also need to downgrade OS X to 10.11.
  11. The boards are probably from a PVT run, which is essentially the last stage of prototyping where the design is finished and Apple begins testing how the production scales. Depending on how the run goes, they could either scrap the boards or throw them into production units if no revisions need to be made. It's unusual to find these boards in normal machines but it does happen. I remember when I purchased my White C2D Macbook on launch day directly from Apple, it with "PVT" silkscreened on the board. Most of the time, if the machine is truly a prototype, you'll find EVT/DVT/PVT in t
  12. Nice score, looks like OWC has a few other chassis for sale as well. The photos OWC posted make it look like the motherboard is included but anything else is a crapshoot. I found: Power Mac 7600 for $9.00 http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Apple/CHAPM7600/ Power Mac 8500 for $15.00 http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Apple/CHAPM8500/ G4 MDD for $29.00 http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Apple/CHAPMG4MD/ G4 Sawtooth (bare) for $19.00 http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Apple/CHAPMG4ST/
  13. This thread makes me sad that I sold my iTV years ago Hap, any chance you can try the other revisions too? I'm mainly interested in the differences of the startup screens and whatever info it dumps onto the display, a couple of the SIMMS are labeled 'debug' which might output some interesting info.
  14. Yeah I don't think anyone actually got video out to work. Somebody posted the system extensions for a whole bunch of E1/T1 and MPEG stuff but nothing for video out. I believe the first rev (STB1) prototypes can be booted with the proper hookup though. This is a good resource if anyone is interested http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1122&page=1 Also some photos of the STB1 http://maceffects.net/oldfiles/old/stb/
  15. The original PB G3 had the same "subwoofer" system as well, although in a technical sense they're more like two small speakers and not really subs.
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