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Duo Two-Button Mouse - Power Click

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While researching battery utilities for my Li-Ion thread, I ran across a very old duo FAQ (from 04/18/94) that referenced a nifty utility called "Power Click". Despite what I've read elsewhere, the Duo's mouse buttons are wired separately!


* PowerClick: A neat shareware extension by Daniel Segel
(daniels@netcom.com) available by ftp at sumex-aim.stanford.edu 
as /info-mac/gui/power-click-101.hqx on mac.archive.umich.edu
as /mac/system.extensions/cdev/powerclick1.0.1.cpt.hqx.  
Did you know that the mouse buttons on your Duo are
wired separately?  Not true for other powerbooks, this feature
offers the potential of having the two buttons do different
functions.  Daniel's code lets you set either button to do a single
click, click lock, double click, or nothing.  Setting the bottom
button to nothing is a very useful option for those of us who use
our Duo's in our lap, say lying back in the sofa.  I don't know how
many times the weight of my Duo has accidentally clicked the lower
button.  (Note: not to be confused with "Powerclicks 2.0" - with an
"s" - which is an entirely different program)


Maybe this is common knowledge, but I couldn't find any posts on the subject. I tracked down a copy (link below) and can confirm it works famously! My upper button is now click and hold :)


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Most likely the schematics behind this are simple, as Apple would not have used a different controller to enable this function. Is there a pinout available? Probably one could wire a PB1xx the same way and use it with the driver mentioned above.

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