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A very late 040

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12 hours ago, Crutch said:

reversed the nomenclature

That bugs me as well. It also makes less sense because both the vi and vx have integrated video... They should've just created a new schema anyway. "II," as in expandable "Macintosh" (not a compact compact) had run its course really. There were plenty of Mac models that weren't compacts by then. "c" compact II series, moot due to the II series not really meaning anything, so replace it with v? For video???. "x" meaning 030 equipped was also out the door, really. They didn't call the 020 LC successor the LCx.


Tying into the II series was so the slim margin  could be touted as being better than the Performa?  Whatever, call it the Quadra Jr or something... Or Centris X... Or just suck it up and stick it with the rest of the Performa line... 600, 620, 625...


Boggles the mind.

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21 hours ago, Fizzbinn said:

That’s disappointing, anyone see any tell tale sign in the CPU picture I posted. The wear from a removed heat sync seemed like a good sign it was not remarked. 

Anyone know of a reference that lists expected temperatures for the various 040 revisions/mask sizes running at the same frequency?


Are you running yours at 25Mhz?  An L88M running at 40Mhz might run that hot at idle.


But I agree, it sure looks genuine.

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I bought an "L88M" on eBay and it sits at around 60° C at idle at 40MHz, measured with a thermal camera. I run it at 48MHz with a low profile heatsink and again it sits at around 60 °C and is stable. The labeling on the chip is suspiciously crisp, but it is a full 040 so it seems crazy someone would go to the trouble of faking an L88M and not use a cheaper LC040.


I agree it would be nice to see some measurements of a confirmed real L88M and/or K63H vs older masks at different clock speeds and with/without heatsinks.

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