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LC II not being able to see two hard drives at the same time

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I got an LCII with a hard drive inside. 


As I wanted a second hard drive I decided to make an adaptor to connect my other SCSI drive to it's rear SCSI port. 


If I start with the external HD connected it boots from the external Hd and the internal is not visible.


If I start with the internal HD and later connect the external HD the external does not mount.


Anything I should do such as setting the external as slave? Or come pinout on my adapter that I am missing?


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Concur, especially is it sounds like the external was the internal boot drive from another Mac? In that case they'd both be terminated (handy for your external adaptation) and set to SCSI ID0.

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12 hours ago, Cory5412 said:

To add: It's a bad idea to connect and disconnect SCSI devices while your system is running.

Seconding this. SCSI is not considered hot-pluggagable. You run the risk of cooking the SCSI controller and/or any device on the scsi bus by plugging and unplugging devices while the computer is powered on.


And I agree, sounds like both drives have the same ID. Change the external ID to something else.

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