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Treasure trove of floppies

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20 hours ago, Crutch said:

You mean ToolLib and MathLib for MS BASIC? Weren’t those bundled with later versions? I think I have them. 

The two specific MS  BASIC libraries that I am looking for are

ToolLib w/XFER



I am trying to run an MS QuickBasic (MAC) program and there are calls to both.

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I'm going to be away from the old Macs for about a month, so I thought I'd post what I've got so far for those interested. Archive.sit has mostly stuff that seems to be online already - though I think a few new sub-version numbers.


TOPS is in there as well. NumberMaze is cute and worth checking out - an educational math program. I haven't actually seen MacRISK online, although I feel like it must be? Gravitation is also neat.


Bonus.sit is full of things I found tonight; it has some fun curiosities, which I suspect some of you will know better what to make of than I am:

  • ATTO Cache ci - a set of speed test utilities (Also in Archive.sit)
  • BBEdit 2.2 beta 4 
  • MacDTS Sample Code - May 1990 Developer Technical Support sample code release
  • MS BASIC 1.0 on a 400k MFS disk
  • Net/Mac - a ham radio packet ip thingy
  • Parallel Printer Utility - a Lightspeed C project for a utility GCC was developing
  • TextPert - seems to be dev tools for Chinese language localization?
  • TMON - a monitor and debugger from ICOM
  • xfer - looks like an internal GCC SCSI development tool?
  • XFS-Unsupported - 1991 sample code from Apple for external file systems along with an interesting letter explaining why developers shouldn't use it


This is probably the best of it - the rest of the disks look like mainly different iterations of the same GCC printer utilities and related things. (But who knows! I'll definitely check them all out.)



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I'd estimate that to be about 380 floppy disks.  Great find.


Any driver disks are definitely a plus.  There's definitely some old hardware floating around that is unusable because the drivers are missing, like the Megascreen 3 video card in my Macintosh SE.

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