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I scored a 128k with Imagewiter 1 from eBay for £50! Link


The case had lots of dirt on the outside but has cleaned up well(using water only). Inside is clean.


Serial number details: Your Macintosh 128 (M0001), with serial number F4143LVM0001, was the 4177th manufactured during the 14th week of 1984 in Fremont, CA


I have powered this up(using a voltage converter)and it sems to work fine.


No keyboard and mouse with this auction although I have these from a prevous raid.


Other recent conquests:

512k upgraded to Plus £20

MacPaint + MacWrite on 400k floppys - Supplied with 512k above

Powerbook 2400 with G3 and wifi card £110

Powermac 6400 £0

Powermac 6500 £0

Powermac 8600 £0

Performa 630 £0

2x micro scsi Ethernet adapters

Original 233mhz imac - boxed £20

LC 2 £0

Hypercard Developer ? £0

Tons of useless cables

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