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  1. zimwhatzim

    IIci - best way for file transfers

    I have enough floppy's for that. No, it's hooked up to the ethernet port on an airport base station.
  2. zimwhatzim

    IIci - best way for file transfers

    7.5.5 with MacTCP as well. I do have 7.1.1 installed as well. Part of the problem is that I can't really get software larger than a floppy on the machine without networking up and running .
  3. zimwhatzim

    IIci - best way for file transfers

    Hey thanks buddy! I was about to post saying that the card works great, but I cannot seem to get a connection via FTP for some reason. I believe the problem is I don't have the right version of OT. @Macdrone: you rock. Seriously. Thank you so much. I'll be out to visit again soon.
  4. zimwhatzim

    IIci - best way for file transfers

    I set up my G5 right next to the ci for floppy disk access. It's running 10.5 and seems to work well for that. Plus I have some older OSX games from 2001-2004 I like to play. Anyway, I have wired network access via an airport that's set up to extend my current wifi network. Works awesome. So is rather stick an Ethernet card in the ci at this point versus work with external media.
  5. zimwhatzim

    IIci - best way for file transfers

    I don't have any classic system installers unfortunately. This machine came with 7.1 and 7.5.5 pre-installed. I have a look at the system folder tonight. Regarding floppy emu, yeah I'd love to get one. They seem fantastic.
  6. zimwhatzim

    IIci - best way for file transfers

    Just so I know, olePigeon, what's involved with getting the ethernet card going? What software would I need?
  7. zimwhatzim

    IIci - best way for file transfers

    Yeah I know. I'll see what I have going on this weekend if you're around. CC_333: thanks for that. I have an iBook G3 with 9.2.2 and 10.3 installed. I'll fire that up for floppy transfers. olePigeon: Let me see if Macdrone has one sitting around and then I'll hit you up for assistance
  8. zimwhatzim

    IIci - best way for file transfers

    I'd probably prefer ethernet, but haven't had much luck finding a card much less getting them to work on the network properly.
  9. So...the problem is that floppy's obviously don't hold much. Forget that, even...on El Capitan for some reason putting in a floppy formatted on my ci results in read only status. Not sure what's up with that. So, what would you all figure the best way to get files onto the machine is?
  10. zimwhatzim

    Keyboard and Mouse (in a box)

    Yeah, these were cheap as well. The keyboard was $12, mouse was $5.
  11. zimwhatzim

    Keyboard and Mouse (in a box)

    My NOS keyboard and mouse in a box from Kensington showed up today. My Apple ADB keyboard / mouse are in kinda rough shape, so it'll be nice to have brand spankin' new peripherals for the ci
  12. zimwhatzim

    I bought a pallet of macs

    Yeah, I can definitely agree with that. It's unfortunate. Folks just want to help, but it's tricky as you said.
  13. zimwhatzim

    CL3 PC133 in Clamshell iBook SE 466 ?

    I tend to trust what OWC has to say in their compatibility charts, they've never steered me wrong on anything memory related.
  14. zimwhatzim

    I bought a pallet of macs

    I highly doubt this guy is going to find this particular forum and initiate litigation, lol...but hey whatever you guys want to do. I'll speak no more about it, it's beyond silly at this point and turning into a p'ing-contest real quick. Sorry I didn't have a chance to consult our legal council on this one , I only speak from an infosec perspective.
  15. zimwhatzim

    My IIci

    I know nothing about electronics repair, unfortunately. My father did it for years, too. Shame.