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  1. Unknown_K

    Macintosh 6100 - boot issues

    Are there 2 SCSI chains on a 6100 or just one? Can it boot from the CD drive you kind of contradict yourself? Will it boot with the old drive?
  2. Unknown_K

    New 8600/300 Owner Questions

    You can still find Adaptec PCI SCSI cards with 68 pin connectors pretty cheap. I have a small stash of Powermac RAM laying around that used to get installed on machines when I got them to test them out (8/16MB I think they were). The 32MB and larger DIMMs are more harder to find these days plus you have the ones used on old PCs to weed out. A search of the forum here should find thread stating the type of RAM you need. 8600's are very nice machines.
  3. Unknown_K

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    I missed out of one of these ages ago, never seen one again.
  4. Unknown_K

    Trouble dealing with a local seller with a massive hoard

    I think the fact that somebody offered $12K cash proves to her that it is worth much more which is why you should have low balled at 4K and worked your way up if needed. If you look too eager you won't get a good deal.
  5. Unknown_K

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    Not if the whole program fits in cache.
  6. Unknown_K

    Trouble dealing with a local seller with a massive hoard

    Lets assume you are correct that the lot would sell for $30K on ebay. For that to happen you need to clean, test, repair, install an OS, replace missing or broken items (HDs, floppy drives, etc), take pictures and store then ship it all. All of that takes lots of time and money even before you pay ebay and paypal fees and nobody stiffs you in the process. Anybody who flips for a living pays pennies on the dollar because of the risks involved and you are buying unknown condition goods in bulk. As you said collectors have snagged all the good stuff. Tell the old lady your offer is $4K or she can pay somebody to scrap it later.
  7. Unknown_K

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    Well the Newer Tech Quadra overdrive with cache seems to befaster then the non cache version and its not an expensive upgrade.
  8. Unknown_K

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    From my understanding none of the 040's had motherboard cache and it makes a big difference.
  9. Unknown_K

    Zip drive, Jaz drive or something else?

    ZIP disks that are damaged will damage the zip drives and any disks you insert into them. Toss all the damaged disks and the zip drive and find another scsi zip drive and get some new disks. I assume you have other machines with a ZIP drive so transferring files is easy. MO drives seem to be reliable and nothing bad ever happens to the media plus they are fast enough to saturate the SCSI bus of a SE/30.
  10. Unknown_K

    Trick to desolder thru holes?

    Aliexpress doesn't take paypal so I ordered a set from ebay to test.
  11. Unknown_K

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    There were other cache cards available for the IIci. I have one that has 128KB cache on it (apples was 32KB). I was kind of wondering what Apple never bothered with cache on the 68040 Quadras since it does help quite a bit and it was cheap to do.
  12. Don't bring the PC into this. Nubus had a burst speed of 40MBs and 10-20MBs sustained. Nubus 90 (Quadra 840av and PPC era) did 70MBs burst and 30Mbs sustained. VLB started at 100 MBs for CPUs with a 25 MHz bus, increased to 133 MBs at 33 MHz and 160 MBs at 40 MHz, and reached 200 MBs at 50 MHz. Granted getting cards that worked at 50Mhz was not easy let alone using more then one at a time. So while the built in video an a Quadra would have a faster frame buffer then an ISA based 486, a VLB based 486 would blow the doors off a Quadra especially if the 486 had cache which they all pretty much did.
  13. The better Nubus cards were sold for specific tasks and gaming was not one of them. http://www.ralentz.com/old/mac/hardware/dale-adams/video-quad700-900.html Has some interesting information of the Q700/Q9x0 video. For gaming of that era moving bytes around in RAM is all that was needed (high bandwidth) and built in video was the fastest for that.
  14. Unknown_K

    Macintosh IIvi and IIvx and Performa 600

    At probably 3x the price of the ISA PC version.
  15. Check the video adapter to see if you changed the settings. I don't have a 9150 and the only motherboard pics I can find are for a "prototype" but that shows a capacitor next to the video out and that might need replaced.