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  1. Brooklyn

    Macintosh Portable Display Interchangability

    This was an official upgrade option. It even says on the board it’s an Apple part. Based on your serial number of #619, likely not a lot were manufactured.
  2. Brooklyn

    Macintosh Portable Display Interchangability

    Awesome, if you have a chance that would be useful.
  3. Hi, I have a 5126 with a broken display ribbon cable. Is it possible to fit the more common 5120 non-backlit display? The connector on the logic board is similar but not the same. Are pinout diagram available for this connector? Otherwise, if someone has a spare backlit ribbon cable I’m interested...
  4. Brooklyn

    1400c power on issue

    Hi, no pcmcia cards, and I pulled the battery as well yesterday. It was an aftermarket battery, I'm sure it wasn't helping so I plan to recycle it.
  5. Brooklyn

    1400c power on issue

    Hi, I have a 1400c that powered on using the reset switch in back when I first got it. Since then it will not power on at all. I tried pulling the battery and AC adapter and holding the reset switch for 1 minute. I tried cutting the connection for the PRAM battery and letting it sit overnight. No luck. Only signs of life are the screen flashing and sound from speaker when i press the reset button when plugged in. Are there any other tricks to get it started? Thanks, Jon
  6. Can you link to said document? Only website I found referenced IIx boards, where the component numbering doesn't match. Also, this board is pretty clean. It did not use the aluminum smt caps that were prone to leaking
  7. Hi guys, I have a Macintosh II that I can't get to power via the button on the back or via the keyboard. I have already replaced both batteries and the capacitors on the logic board. The system does start up just fine using the white wire from PS-3V battery-ground trick. This is the version of the logic board with axial caps, not the aluminum radial SMT ones. The board itself is clean with no visible corrosion. What else could be the issue here? Thanks!
  8. Brooklyn

    mac portable accelerator

    I like the idea a lot, I think the market will be limited similar to the RAM card, not many people have a portable, and some people like to keep them original. If you can use lessons learned here to design an accelerator to drop in to the SE/30 PDS...
  9. Turns out surprisingly it was the hard drive. It got stuck in a seek loop or something. If I let the computer sit for about 5 min it would eventually get to the folder with question mark. If I booted with the option key, I can boot from CD-ROM.
  10. Hi, I have a 500mhz iBook Dual G3 that powers to a blank gray screen. It does chime. Tried PRAM and PMU resets no help. Removed airport card and ram simm and still doesn't boot. I can eject the CDROM OK. Logic board dead or any other options? Thanks!
  11. Is there a modification that can be made so the option for keyboard illumination can be always "on" and adjustable with the keyboard keys? Thanks!
  12. Brooklyn


    What did you do in order to make it work??
  13. Brooklyn

    apple IIe monitor problems

    I had this problem. I took the monitor apart and sprayed contact cleaner in the brightness pot while turning it. It cleaned up the pot and the monitor works well again.
  14. Brooklyn

    PM 8500 (small rant on plastic)

    It is prohibitively expensive unless you could sell a large quantity (500+) but I could probably create a solid model pretty easily. A 3D printed part is actually a good option, you just sand and paint afterwards, it will turn out nice, but color matching will be a challenge.
  15. Brooklyn

    a decent electric solder sucker

    Has anyone bought one of the knockoff desoldering guns? I've been wanting to buy a desoldering gun for awhile, but $200 is a lot to swing lately, would much rather $100 if it is similar quality. (for hobbyist use)