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  1. ScutBoy

    GEMDOS on the Lisa can be built again!

    Wow - this is pretty awesome!
  2. Don't - that only leads to tears Glad to hear it's acting better!
  3. You might try putting in contact cleaner (not oil) and actuating the switch over and over again for a few minutes, adding more contact cleaner from time to time. Can't hurt at this point. The cleaner plus a lot of physical contacts may move enough grime to get back to functionality. It works with keys on an Apple ][ keyboard!
  4. ScutBoy

    Well Crap (SE/30)

    I've used a product called "Ospho" (?) which is also a phosphoric acid product in automotive applications, and it's worked well. Like trag's product, it leaves a slightly rough surface that can take paint. You can get it at Ace Hardware stores (they can order if it's not in stock) or at automotive stores.
  5. ScutBoy

    mattsoft's IIfx

    This was the same as my IIFX. Mine would power up OK, but not power off. Once I replaced those two electrolytics, the soft power off would work. I haven't replaced the radials yet, either, but that's on the list. Funny story - I replaced those two caps, and then put the batteries back in and hit the power. Nothing... I pulled the board again and double/triple checked all the traces, solder joints, etc. Nothing... Went to pull out the batteries and found that I had put one of them in backwards. Put it in the right way, and all was well
  6. ScutBoy

    Schematic for the IIe Card?

    @Bolle - You are correct 22uF, not 220uF. My mistake...
  7. ScutBoy

    Schematic for the IIe Card?

    Crisis averted! I found I had a cap of the correct value with legs. After some work to get the vias open, I was able to solder in the cap and the IIe card is working like a charm, along with the recapped CC logic board.
  8. I pulled the IIe card out of my Color Classic since I had the caps for it, and in taking off the caps one practically fell off, taking the pads with it. The cap is C2 - 220uf 35v. There are vias there next to where the pads used to be, but I'd like a peek at the schematic to know where the positive side goes in case I need to bodge something up. A quick google didn't turn up any schematic, or at least not one I could find in all the other Apple ][ card schematics that are out there. TIA
  9. ScutBoy

    SE/30 RAM Upgrade

    Oh, they can break. Trust me. Be very careful. If they do break, if the SIMM on the other side is solid, you can sometime get away with a spacer of cardboard or something else non-conductive to keep the broken one tight. I've even seen someone (maybe here) 3D print little hold-downs for this.
  10. ScutBoy

    Macintosh SE/30 Restoration

    I like your SCSI2SD mount. Would you be willing to share the STL?
  11. ScutBoy

    Awful Macintosh SE FDHD Revival

    Following with interest. I'm in the "you'll get it going" camp.
  12. ScutBoy

    Is it a Lisa????? Is it a Macintosh????

    Yeah - it's very interesting, but the whole thing kinda gives me the shakes
  13. ScutBoy

    Is it a Lisa????? Is it a Macintosh????

    More pics of the whole setup, please!
  14. ScutBoy

    GEMDOS on the Lisa can be built again!

    What's up with the fish?
  15. I'd be in for higher capacity RAM card for a non-backlit Portable.