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  1. that sounds Great! however im not quite ready yet if you could keep it asside for me that would be ace
  2. damn.... well ill have to keep a look out for one do you have an EMI shield thingy though?
  3. its OK if the brass mounts are still in there i can gorilla epoxy them in place also im considering building my own LCD cable too
  4. Thanks i thew out the original battery and hdd but im sure i can find another somewhere
  5. sweet thanks a bunch hopefully all that needs dealing with now is the battery and Hard Drive
  6. hey guys i have a powerbook that was badly damaged by a sibling and the upper screen has become damaged, The bezel and LCD itself are fine but im going to need a new EMI shield and back Cover, i may also need a LCD ribbon cable but i can solder a permanent cable in its place if i cannot find one.