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  1. micheledipaola

    Using SCSI2SD v5.5 in a Powerbook

    In my experience, this is exactly what I did: plug the v.5.5 directly in the Mac and Apple IIGS scsi plug. Only with Quadra 700, due to the case angles on the back, I couldn't manage to do it without taking the case away, or using a scsi zip drive cable.
  2. micheledipaola

    scsi voodoo on a quadra 700 with an 80 pin hd

    Don't worry, nothing to apologize for. it is costly indeed, but I am super happy it could solve my problem.
  3. micheledipaola

    Duo Li-ion Battery

    I am super interested in this, and would love to get every detail, from parts info to what PLA/color used for 3d printing the case, to how to open the original battery case without cracking it etc etc. I will follow with a lot of attention, and thank you for what you did so far!
  4. micheledipaola

    scsi voodoo on a quadra 700 with an 80 pin hd

    don't know if my soldering skills could make it, but good hint anyway. and yes, getting that adapter to Italy cost me 100€+ for fedex fast shipping (fast indeed, less than a week) plus 35€+ for customs clearing so... I could have probably bought another 50 pins scsi disk with that money. Anyway, I am glad I could solve this. Now I have a nice Quadra 700 to play with
  5. micheledipaola

    Seagate SCSI HD help needed

    Jumpers will set the scsi id (maybe you want to make the boot disk show up as id0). Also Systems before 7.3 (if I remember correctly) will not handle 2+ Gb without partitions.
  6. micheledipaola

    scsi voodoo on a quadra 700 with an 80 pin hd

    ...aaaaaaand it worked!!! thanks @MrFahrenheit ! I spent an insane amount of money to have the adapter delivered fast from the US to Italy, and another amount for customs clearance, but it is now here in the Quadra 700 and the scsi hard disk booted from cold and correctly loaded the system! Hooray! Luckily enough, I ordered two adapters, so now I can use the second to add an extra HD to the DuoDockII for my PowerBook Duo 280!
  7. micheledipaola

    scsi voodoo on a quadra 700 with an 80 pin hd

    No previous recapping as far as I know. SCSI works anyway, bus shows no error or strange behavior on many scsi utilities, scsi2sd works perfectly and also the internal scsi drive works - only IF scsi2sd is connected too. Anyway I will give a shot to the active termination adapters and see if it solves the problem. Just have to wait for them to reach me from US...
  8. micheledipaola

    scsi voodoo on a quadra 700 with an 80 pin hd

    Thanks, I would profit of your experience to ask you: is it normal that the disk is seen and accessible anyway, if I boot from another device, and will warm-boot if I use system picker on it, while it will not cold-boot when the Mac is turned on? Shouldn't the lack of a termination affect it in any situation and not only with cold-boot? Just trying to learn something more out of this situation I will anyway try with the one you are linking, or maybe I will look for one in Europe (I am in Italy) that might ship faster.
  9. hello everybody, I am in this very strange situation: my Quadra 700 came with an hard disk which failed after a few weeks. I wanted to try an 80 pin hd (cheaper, easier to find) with this made-in-china adapter: https://it.aliexpress.com/item/4001112495209.html and I got my hands on a 17GB Seagate Cheetah ST318406LC (the label says it's LVD/SE). Connecting it and turning the Mac on got me chimes of death and sad mac errors 00000F / 0000003 or 000000A, with any possible combination of scsi id (now the HD is on ID 4). I could boot the Quadra with an external (v5.5 boxed) scsi2sd and low-level format the disk to HFS with FWB Tool Kit, then install MacOS 8.1 - the disk is there, I can see it, it reads and writes perfectly, if I use system picker to pick the 8.1 HD system folder and then reboot, it will boot into 8.1 with no problems, but... if I unplug the scsi2sd and just turn the Mac on, I get the no-disk icon. How is this possible? what setting or action am I missing? Any hint or advise is warmly welcome! Thanks in advance!