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  1. Speaking of System 7.5 and later, what about the patch to the System file required to get ROM-inator to work with those versions? Will the same patch be required with your ROM? Or is that the bug you're working to resolve?
  2. Thanks for sharing your thinking on Turbo040 support @ZaneKaminski. I'm happy to contribute to testing and QA using my SE/30. I'm in New York.
  3. +1 I agree, 6.0.8 makes sense. That's arguably preferable from a product perspective too; it further differentiates 2MB from 8MB and makes it more compelling to buy one of each. By the way, are you keeping the ability to disable memory test in your ROM image? I think that's one of the most compelling features for enthusiasts who max out their RAM, arguably the same people who like custom ROM chips the most. Also, have you looked into making the ROM image compatible with Turbo040? The default ROM-inator image is great to get a 32-bit clean ROM, with a ROM disk and disables memory test. But it does not work with Turbo040. Turbo040 has its own (hidden) feature for disabling memory test and you can use a IIfx ROM to get 32-bits, but you lose the ROM disk. So an image with all of these features would is the holy grail. See this thread: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=54723
  4. pax

    Bolles finds

    Nice catch! I’ve debated looking for one myself.
  5. pax

    PowerBook 500 PCMCIA Expansion Module

    Thanks for the tip @jeremywork. Much appreciated. Finding a wireless card that I can use is definitely on the list.
  6. pax

    LC 630 DOS-Compatible "Adapter Board"

    Right, I see the missing connector by the battery. Thanks!
  7. pax

    LC 630 DOS-Compatible "Adapter Board"

    Here's my 630 board. I can see the "missing" SIMM socket, but what are the other missing components?
  8. pax

    LC 630 DOS-Compatible "Adapter Board"

    Out of curiosity, what exactly are the differences between the DOC-compatible 630s and the regular ones. Would the DOS compatibility card work also in the regular 630s or are these missing some critical components?
  9. Wow. Count me in too. I'm interested in maxing out the RAM on my IIfx.
  10. pax

    Revitalization of a PCMCIA Rev. B card cage

    Good job! Oh, I wish I had one of those PCMCIA expansion modules for my 520. I have lots of cards that I use in my 3400 that would also love to be able to use with the 520.
  11. pax

    Has anybody gotten a SCSI2SD v5.5 yet?

    @Trash80toHP_Mini It's lighter shade of gray. It is printed, but not by me. Inertial Computing actually sold this case with the 5.5s for a while last year. I picked it up then, but they’ve since moved to a molded case for cost reasons. I’ve sent them an email and asked about the filament and if they are willing to share the model.
  12. pax

    Adding Wi-Fi to my Mac SE/30

    Count me in too. Such wonderful work, as always.
  13. pax

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    Take my money already.
  14. pax

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    What a great resolution! I’m happy to read some good news in the midst of all the bad.