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  1. Perfect, UE8 is the right track. Desoldered it, did an extra cleaning under it to be safe. Resoldered in and it changed to "Digital Snow" as I'll call it, in 3 distinct columns. I'll order a replacement 74*LS*166 and solder that in with my next parts order. Hopefully that'll get me somewhere else. Couldn't find one to salvage off anything kicking around!
  2. I've recently picked up my first SE/30 (well, a logic board) and I'm not feeling the love for them so far. It was recapped, but non-functioning when I got it. It'd turn on, and one of a few things would happen. It'd do nothing, it'd chime then death chime a few seconds later, it'd death chime right away and occasionally I'd get a solid white display with death chimes. I've tried with various ram combinations, varying from 1 to 64 megs of ram (sets of four) to no avail. Also cleaned the RAM and ROM SIMM slots with deoxit to no avail. Step 1 was giving the board a very good cleaning, something it badly needed. Previous owner hadn't done a great job at the cleaning part. This changed nothing. Step 2 was redo the recap with my own capacitors. This helped to make sure everything was the correct way around and all the solder joints were good - it was hard to tell with the previous recap job. This did not fix the problem either. Step 3 was to give the board an even better wash. Now it's pretty much spotless - can't even see crud under ICs. This still did not help. Step 4 was try a different ROM. With my IIfx ROM we're at the current state. So, with the IIfx ROM swapped in, fully recapped and cleaned, it'll turn on, chime and give a solid white display with some raster lines in it. If I check the dead mac scrolls, it says it'd be an analog board problem, however said chassis works absolutely fine with an SE board, so I'm not inclined to go with that. At this point, I'm inclined to believe the next step would be start ohming out traces. Before I get through beeping hell, I figured I'd see if anyone else has run into this issue and if they found a solution. I'm not in a big rush to start beeping out everything .
  3. Compgeke

    Radius System 81/110

    I've got an 81/110 and I paid $75 for it last year, working. They aren't too common but unlike a Daystar Genesis MP, they aren't super desirable either. Absolutely worth grabbing for ~$120 or under, imo.
  4. Compgeke

    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    Macintosh LC Macintosh LC II Macintosh LC III Macintosh LC III+ Performa 450 LC 475 Performa 475 Quadra 605 Probably some I'm missing here. Apple's product lines were crazy.
  5. Compgeke

    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    Future Plans: In the works right now are: Quadra 630/6200/etc chassis machines. This one's very early with no finalized design. We need to pull a machine apart and get measurements internally to determine what needs to go where exactly (on a PCB. connector wise). This one's being worked on by @blusnowkitty and is in very early concept stage. Macintosh II/IIx/IIfx. I'm working on this one and I've got some sample connectors from Molex and measurements done on how the PCB fits into the case. This one will be using a Flex ATX PSU since there's plenty of space inside the case and you might want to load up your IIfx with dual Radius Rockets and dual 24 bit Color cards and a network card. That'll draw some power. I've also got an OG II with a dead PSU - and recapping was not the solution (and I don't feel like digging into it right now). Astec problems.
  6. Compgeke

    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    So here's the rundown since the thread kind of turned into a jumble. There're two versions currently just about ready to go. Final hardware revisions done and all that stuff. Just working on the other random stuff like documentation rather than hardware. That, and sorting out 3D printed parts. The first is the mAcTX LC. This one is for the LC 1/2/3/Performa variations/etc. This is the final design and setup for how it works, sans that heatshrink on the motherboard lead. That'll go. The next is the mAcTX II Compact. This one's for the Macintosh IIsi mainly but also works in the IIcx, IIci, etc, etc. Hardware wise it's done but I don't have the rear mounting bracket stuff finished yet. All the 3D printed tests are bummed off other people since I don't have a 3D printer myself. I've also got 50 PCBs and parts to assemble 20 full boards already here.
  7. Compgeke

    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    In an actual update, I've placed an order for a good amount the mAcTX Compact PCBs and those should be here next week. Parts to build 20 already came in and I'll see what I can do from there. The actual bracket for DC input on them has not been finalized - but it's mostly just a modification of the LC one to lop off the toggle mount and increase the pawls to stick out more. The IIcx and related chassis uses thicker plastic than the LC it seems. Of course, when I don't have a 3D printer myself it's a lot of testing and waiting for mail. I should get one. Additionally, I finally got around to getting another camera lens and that means better bracket pics for the LC variation!
  8. Have the PSUs been recapped? They also need recapped and might turn on fine but as soon as more load is applied, they fall on their face.
  9. Compgeke

    Has anyone rebuilt TiBook battery?

    Please don’t do either of the above. That’s how we cause fires. You want balanced cells in a pack and you really really don’t want to bypass protection. It’s there to avoid fires and explosions.
  10. Compgeke

    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    I could, but I don't have much reason to. I don't think I've ever seen one of those fail. It wouldn't be hard since it's just a repinning of current design, I'd just not see much use. That, and I only have a Quadra 636. No 6400/6500.
  11. Compgeke

    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    Update: The 3D printed mount is now working great! Needed some slight modifications for tolerances but now it's working great.
  12. Compgeke

    Macintosh Portrait Display M1031

    This is a resolution mismatch for sure. You're going to want to try and set 640x870 or it's going to either not work at all or look very off.
  13. Same! My IIfx came to me with 16 megs of ram, I'm letting it down by having more ram in my Mac IIcx.
  14. Compgeke

    Supermac Spectrum 24PDQ

    @IlikeTech got my hands on another programmer and got it dumped! The original ROM is a TI TMS27C512 but any 27C512 ROM should do. SPEC24PDQ_v1.24.BIN