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I have Xserve G4 slot-loading (https://everymac.com/systems/apple/xserve/specs/xserve_g4_1.33.html). I've noticed that Diagnostics tab of System Information shows L3 cache failure. I reset NVRAM, ran Apple Service Diagnostics and it shows L3 cache 0 bytes. I physically removed the CPU and looked at two Samsung memory chips there — it is GBA soldered. What to do, how to enable L3 cache again? Is it a software restriction (if yes, then where to enable)? But I think it is a hardware failure, who and how fixed it? It it enough to re-solder two memory BGA chips, or need chips replacement, or something else?

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Cache failures seem often to be CPU related, so swapping the cache chips itself is probably not going to help you.


I have been testing a few CPU modules that reported L3 cache failure and the L3 started to work again after swapping the CPU.


As MDD/XServe modules are cheap and easily available it is not worth it to even attempt this repair as you would need another CPU card as donor anyways.

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