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Mac IIci - Mouse pointer freezes when using RasterOps/24

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I am trying to figure out what might happened to my RasterOps/24 card.


When I got this IIci it was working. Then, when using my External SCSI Zip drive the computer froze.

Since then I wasn't able to boot the machine with the RasterOps card. It hanged on the grey screen.


Today I got a second monitor and decided to hook up the RasterOps again.

The computer/system recognizes the two monitors but it I move the mouse to the one with the RasterOps the mouse pointer gets stuck and won't move.


I am really amazed with this.


Did this happen to anyone?

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Your post reminds me that I had a similar issue with a Radius video board. If it was installed, the mouse would be frozen. It is also a recapped logic board. ??

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