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    • Hi,    Luckily this one never had a leaky battery. Boots just fine, but never heard any sound from it. When I click play sound in System 7 Control Panel it crashes. Cleaned the board with IPA, especially around sound chip, put headphone jack back and forth. No progress. I am planning to recap the board, but I guess there's something else going wrong?      
    • No battery required, only very few models need a battery, and some tricks can be done to jump start the others.
    • Well, I finally opened the new SE with an unknown accelerator card. It's a Dove Marathon Racer 68020, which is very nice, with a 68881 FPU.   Problem is that I cannot find the drivers. I only found the Dove drivers for the 60830 which don't seem to work (won't recognize the 68020). I will take it apart tomorrow and see if the card is properly set, but would appreciate if anyone could point me towards the drivers, or insight if someone has a similar card.    Thanks, Pierre
    • Cool, I'll give those a go.
    • Awesome on all fronts. I thought the CC needed a battery to be able to use soft power?   thank you for letting me know the location of the Egret... I am going to get my hot air rework station out tomorrow and see if I can get it off and cleaned up. The machine ran like a top all day today after a logic board jumpstart boot - I swapped a scsi2sd card in it and it’s a champ with 7.5.3. 
        It’s currently in my office slowly pulling the iso for after dark down from my “vintage software Server” (G4 MDD) downstairs via Ethernet... it warms my soul to see it sitting there poking away.