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    • @mattsoft and @joshc Right you are: after closer inspection, I do see some corrosion near the caps on both IIcis. Thankfully, the corrosion looks superficial, so hopefully the caps will be the only thing needing replacement. So recapping will be my next step!    @aeberbach Ah, the Open Source Scan Converter looks excellent! Unfortunately, a bit out of my price range at the moment, though it's definitely on my wishlist now. If anyone owns one in the greater Pittsburgh area and would be willing to let me borrow theirs, just let me know!   @max1zzz Good to know that the batteries probably aren't needed. Looks like it is an accelerator card! I've attached photos of all the expansion cards:  
    • Thanks TweedyF, for taking the time to curate and post these time capsules.
    • It is this Radius Pivot SE/30 Display with upgraded VRAM (not on the pic).
    • Those drives are the most unreliable ones I have ever seen.    Out of 10... 9 are bad, moreover the unusual board and connector was only used in the Portable.    You can lift the cover to prevent the seal from going bad, but there’s a risk to contaminate the platter as well. 
    • I got the cheapo USB cable on FB marketplace, the one with 1 USB leading to a tear shaped black box with a white musical note printed on it and 2 midi cables (in and out). It must have a shoddy design because it didn't allow everything I wanted. It's the knockoff model you can see everywhere on eBay and Alibaba.    Works:  -simple dosbox playback with a hardware MT-32   Semi-works: -simple dosbox playback with a hardware SC-88ST, it occasionally glitches with quadrupled notes seconds into a playback and the reverb just piles on, creating an awful mess   Fails: -sending any data from a midi keyboard (my rock band 360 keytar) to a modern PC and DAW. Nothing gets through   The second interface (M-Audio Midisport 1x1) works everywhere so far where the other doesn't. It's supposed to be cheap but it was bought on Amazon for a beefy price, but I got it as a gift.