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    • Hi Joe. What use do you get out of the sound card?  Any issues with the VidHD?  Lastly is the TWGS an original or an RM on?
    • You still need some fast 68 pin wide drives to saturate the bus (or a pair of them striped).  
    • Two years ago I got a mint boxed IIGS setup (ROM 3 with monitor/1x of each drive) with a large amount of boxed software for $250 (IIc system was included as well). I've been incredibly lazy about setting it up properly unfortunately, so it's still rather stock (High Speed SCSI card and the basic RAM expansion)  But I'm picking up a Booti card when they become available!
    • I originally got a IIgs as a high school graduation present and used it up until I got a SE/30.  I don't have my original IIgs, but I've got two now, one of which runs my BBS, so I get to use it to play with it every day!  The GS that runs my BBS is equipped with a CFFA3000, ReActiveMicro Transwarp GS v1.1, and Uthernet II card.  I also run GS/OS 6.0.4, and have the same HD image running in Sweet16 on my MacBook Pro, so getting files to and from my GS is a breeze.
    • I have a GS I got...at some point that I don't remember?(In a lot of Macs or something I think), but haven't done much with it besides remove the battery.  It does have a SCSI interface card in it, so I should pull it out and start playing with it