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    • Well, most passives are about £30 roughly guesstimating - refer to post 1 to see what you should salvage or have to buy new. You can get 338-6523's (they're just Rockwell branded MOS/CSG 6523 TPI's) for about £5 each, the 26LS chips are £2, the other logic is anywhere from £1.20 to £3 depending on vendor. SIMM sockets can be salvaged, but i recommend buying new from the link i posted on page 2. 
    • Your documentation is coming together very nicely! I look forward to being able to read it all when you finish. I have only ever had limited success understanding whatever it is google translate generates, so this will be a great alternative!
    • I have enough spare board/parts to probably put together a working one of these. We would have to build a parts list for all those odds and ends that we don't really know what the heck are (or, in my case, have no training to know what they are).   Have you nailed down how much one would cost?
    • Yep. Exactly this. It's unfortunate because, as I had posted in another thread, I had hoped to replace a 60 or 66MHz 601 with a >100MHz 601v or 604 but it's not possible because of the voltage differences to the 601v and the reassigned pins on the 604. A 6100 with a 120MHz 604 would be pretty cool but sadly is impossible.
    • Are the pinouts different between the 601 and the 601v or is it just that the 601v expects 3.3v where the original 601 used 5V on the power pins?  Oh, and I/O as well.   3.3v vs. 5V.     Interesting to look at the Power Computing Power120 PPC601 surrounded by level shifters.  At least I think I remember correctly that those are level shifters.   It's actually been a decade or more since I looked at it...   Excellent table of chip packages and compatibilites.   Very nice.