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Using an HD20 with a 128k Mac

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13 hours ago, Dog Cow said:

You can use a Hard Disk 20 on a Mac 128Ke, that is, a Mac with 128K of RAM and the 128K ROM. I did it, and have a screenshot...

This is some heavy-duty thread necromancy here. And just for the record, this was already addressed. (IE, it apparently does work, but you can't run a number of pieces of software like MacPaint that need a *whole* Mac 128k because there *is* still additional RAM consumed compared to a floppy-only system, so saying "it works" is a statement that really needs an asterisk.)


13 hours ago, Dog Cow said:

Apple kept supplying 64K ROM patches through System file version 4.1. But you can copy the patches into newer system files to regain support for the 512K. A stock Mac 512K can in fact run System 6, but you need the right patches in it.

Out of curiosity, is how to patch later systems to run on the 64k ROM documented anywhere? That might be a legitimate reason to reopen the topic.

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