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Found 15 results

  1. Cameront9

    Cameront9's finds

    I scored a Strawberry iMac yesterday at Goodwill Computer in Austin. It's missing the port cover, but no big deal. I also picked up a G3 keyboard to go with it. It passes POST and boots to a folder with a question mark on it. The guy at the store said they'd tried to install something on it but couldn't, so I'm unsure if A)They didn't know what they were doing, or B), the CD drive is kaput. I only have an OS 8 cd--I tried to boot it with that CD and I thought I could hear/feel the drive spinning, but it wouldn't boot. However, I know these shipped with 8.5.1, so maybe my 8.0 CD is just too old. I'm burning an OS 9 CD right now to see if that helps.
  2. I am borrowing an iMac G3 with Mac OS 9.1 and Quicktime Player Version 5.0.2 for a film. I need the computer to play a video file that I created in the film. When I burn a CD with the video file on it, the G3 will show the JPEG image files on the CD, but the video files don't show up at all! I've tried several different formats/codecs like MOV, MP4, h264, and AVI, but none of them show up at all. I've also tried several other unsuccessful methods of transferring the video file to the G3. I can't get a flash drive to mount even when formatting it to several different formats, I can't figure out how to connect the G3 to the internet to email/download the file, and I can't figure out how to transfer the file directly via a ethernet cable connected to my modern iMac. Help? Thanks, Adam
  3. I am unable to power up my iMac G3. I opened up the case and pressed the CUDA button and it powers up. However every time I switch the mains to off I have to redo it again. Is something faulty? I had the PRAM battery removed by the way.
  4. Hello, So back in the day I used to see ads for the fruit color iMac G3s and I always wanted one, but couldn't have one. Fast forward to today and I have a small collection of old Macs. I already have three G3 machines (Powerbook G3 Main Street, PDQ, and an Icebook), yet I still desire a fruit color iMac. The reason is really just aesthetics and nostalgia. I know the specs won't be any better than the other G3s I have (correct me if I'm wrong). I mainly collect Mac laptops due to space concerns, though I could squeeze in another desktop/compact if I wanted to. I like that the iBooks of the time came in fruit colors as well and I would be willing to compromise some of the nostalgia factor by getting the laptop version. What I'm asking is, is it better to get a fruit color iBook or a fruit color iMac? Are there any problems particular to these models that I should be concerned about? Thanks
  5. Hi all, I'm new here and I'm fairly new to Macs, so I apologize for any things I might not say or do correctly in advance! I also apologize for asking you all this newbie tech support question haha. I bought this barely used iMac G3 from someone on EBay a while back, and it came with OS 9.2.2. I am trying to install OS 10.3 on it. It has 128 MB RAM, 10 GB storage and is an grape slot-loading model. I came across Panther full install 3 disk CDs from a friend but they were copied disks of the originals so there wasn't any labels or information on the disks. When I started the installation from within OS 9 and when a window prompted me to click the "Restart" button to begin the installation process, I did. It restarted and a light grey screen with the dark grey Apple logo appeared, along with a loading circle. I waited for about 10 minutes and it was still doing the same thing. I tried restarting it while holding down the "C" key and it did the same thing. That time I waited an hour and still no luck. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Any advice is appreciated!
  6. Hi, I recently bought two “rev. A” iMacs (I noticed they had the Rage II chip) that came with the same Mezzanine card installed. Since I haven't made a thorough disassembly of these tray-loading iMacs, I haven’t had a careful look at the card they have brought. I’m hoping some of you guys recognise the card by the ports layout.
  7. While trying to get my iMac G3 online, I came across an issue. (maybe several) I could not get the Airport card to recognize my wifi. I tried connecting to my laptop through an Ethernet cable so I could share the internet, but that wouldn't work. I painstakingly made a network on my laptop to try and get my iMac to connect. However, the network would only let (or so it seemed) Windows computers join. Oops. So I installed Wine on the iMac, but I wasn't using the right version, so it didn't work. Double oops. I continued to try different settings, but the "encryption method" wasn't correct. Triple oops. HELP PLEASE My two computers are the iMac G3, and my old Dell inspiron.
  8. Little by little I’m becoming more attached to these little macs. They are the offspring of the Classic Macs and flag Apple’s rebirth from the ashes. I’ve been focusing mainly in getting a SE/30 or Colour Classic and in the process I have given little attention to these inconspicuous machines. But by the fifth complete tear-down and restoration I can assure you they are a resilient bunch and gorgeous looking machines, bridging our internet age to the analogue ways.
  9. I recently got an iMac G3 Blue dalmatian off eBay. So I thought "Hey, lets post the pics in a completely different area of the 68kmla!" And here they are.
  10. Carboy7

    iMac G3.

    The Blue Dalmatian iMac G3 is rare, right? Do you think it's worth $215.00? Although it also came with the black Pro keyboard and black Pro mouse. I don't have them yet. <-- sorta looks like an iMac I have yet to find if the thing works or not. I will be posting pictures of the machine or auction. (I'm so excited!!! )
  11. Hi, Im trying to connect an iMac G3 with OS9 and a Classic with a Dayna SCSI / Ethernet breakout box. They are connected via a Netgear Prosafe GS105. The iMac has ethernet thats working fine - I can see the internet no problems. Its actually quite a useable machine. I don't really have a way of checking the Classic is connected. It does have all the correct connection software installed like the Dyna drivers for Ethernet. Im looking in Appleshare to try and see the iMac, but to no avail. Likewise I checked the iMac to see the Classic but also no joy. Ive read lots of the guides - but Im simply not that able technically. I can just about remember using Appleshare to connect to other networks, and that was when the machinery was all new. Also can anyone tell me if its possible to connect a modern Mac ( like early a year old ) to the OS9 iMac? Many thanks Louis
  12. 3583Bytes

    iMac G3

    From the album: My Macs

    My iMac G3
  13. Hi everyone! When I was younger the main computer in my family was a tray loading Bondi iMac running 8.6. It was used for hours each day for at least ten years (that's a conservative guess, it was very probably longer). A couple years ago it started having a minor issue. The power button needed to be pressed two or three times to get it to boot. Other than that everything was working great. One morning I got up and heard from a sad family member that the iMac wouldn't start up at all. No chime, no lights... nothing. It's currently sitting in my cold, lonely closet, and after reading what some of the people on here can do/have done I'd like to take it out and try to revive it. Given the computer's history my suspicion (what I thought when it died too) is that the power button broke. I don't have access to a keyboard with a power button so I can't test that for sure. My question is, how does one replace an iMac power button? And, if that doesn't work, would the next logical idea be looking at the power supply itself? Is there something I don't know that I should know? Thanks!
  14. I've got an iMac G4/800 Flat Panel. It's the original "high end" launch model (everymac.com info page), that boots into both OS X 10.1+ and OS 9. I want to max out the RAM, upgrade the hard drive and put in a different DVD reader. My plan with this computer is to create an Mac OS museum on the machine that will boot OS 9 and OS X 10.1-10.5, plus OS 1.0 through possibly 8.x via emulation. I know Apple initially shipped these with PC100 and then later revised the spec to call for PC133. Does anyone know if that's because a bus speed issue, or is it because there was RAM floating around that was being under-speced (labeled PC100, but not meeting the speed) and causing problems? The reason I ask is I have two 512mb 168-pin DIMMs that have been happily living in a G4 tower without problem. I would like to take one and use it for the upper slot of the iMac. Also, if that works, does anyone see a problem with PC100 mixed with PC133? I have a 512mb 144-pin 133mhz so-dimm ready to go into the lower user slot. Despite Apple's official docs, I don't believe there is a problem using HDs larger than 128mb in the original launch iMac G4s, as long as OS X 10.2 or later is used. If I install a larger hard drive and partition into smaller chunks, will that allow 10.1 to see at least its own partition? Can OS 9 see larger HDs natively or do 10.1 and/or OS 9 need a special driver for that? I think from 10.4 on, OS X allows basically any standard DVD drive to be installed, but on earlier versions it requires a special driver/kext, is that correct? The Pioneer in this iMac (and the one from my G4/800 "X Only") is really flaky. I've been testing out a LG drive that seems to be really solid under 10.4 and I would like to use that.