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Found 3 results

  1. So when I first acquired my PowerWave, it had some posting issues which were due to RAM, which were resolved quickly and the machine ran well. However, after decided to upgrade from the "fine" Mach64 with a Rage128 I had sitting around, things got weird: get a chime and then the screen gets a signal briefly, then nothing. not even a black screen, my monitor just says there's no signal. The machine wouldn't post at all, even after a board reset before powering back on. Tried pulling RAM, reseating the ROM, reseating and changing out CPU daughtercards. Nothing. I put the Mach64 and it immediately posts and boots right up. I upgrade/reinstall the ATi drivers, shutdown, replace with the Rage128, reset the board, power on, and after a few seconds it finally posts. Okay, fine, no harm done I guess. Time comes where I have to reset the PRAM. Upon doing so, I'm back to a black screen, no posting at all, nothing beyond the bong. Would the ROM on the PowerWave just see the Rage128 and not know what to make of it because it's too new? This all seems very odd. Just wondering if anyone has any advice or has had a similar experience. Edit: as an addendum, if it really is something about a contemporary (to a PowerMac 85/9500) that it needs as far as a graphics card, what would be a decent replacement for the Mach64? VRAM modules for them are nearly double what you can get a standalone card for.
  2. I’ve just obtained a late grey 600mhz Imac M5521 with a nice spec, one of the last models, a bargain for £20 of ebay. anyway i know its not a classic like my SE/30 or 6200CD but as a nice bridge machine for my classic network, going online and sharing files whilst also a sweet little gaming machine for later 3d games like quake, doom, duke Nukem, decent etc.....and given that in mind i wanted to know whats the best graphics card you can put in to one as i may as well max it out with ram, graphics and possibly SSD. standard is a AGP 2x ATI rage Ultra with 32mb so could you put in for instance an ATI Radeon 9600 256mb AGP 8x, any suggestions?
  3. Hi guys, I just bought a DP 800 G4 and I want to replace the videocard. According to Wikipedia the DP800 can use a Geforce 3 (64MB) I do see the odd comment online about using higher spec videocards though (like an FX5500) I plan to use OS 9.2.2 on this machine and use it primarily for games. Anyone have any experience on maxing out a G4 with 9.2.2? Also, anyone know of any guides to flash a Geforce card to work with Macs? Thanks again ahead of time.