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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, When I bought my Centris 650 a few months back, I also bought an AAUI adapter so I could hook it up to the internet as well as transfer files with my OS 9 machines if I needed to do that. The adpater, which was NIB when I got it, worked fine for a while, but I think there must be a short in the cable that runs from the box to the Mac because the last time I used it I had to bend the adapter's cable and position the box a certain way otherwise I wouldn't get any signal. So I am now debating whether I should buy another adapter box or buy a Nubus card with an RJ45 port on it? All three of my Nubus slots are empty and the only other card I considered getting was maybe a graphics card at some point. On the other hand, another AAUI to RJ45 adapter box would be cheaper and not require any drivers. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello, I recently added a Centris 650 to my collection and am having a bit of a conundrum regarding 32-bit addressing. I removed the PRAM battery the first day I got it. It wasn't leaking, but I didn't want to take any chances. Unfortunately, 32-bit addressing must be a PRAM setting because when booting up from a cold boot under 7.5.3 or 7.5.5 24-bit addressing is on instead. I tried using a control panel named PRAM Auto-restore, but it didn't help much. It made it so that the 32-bit addressing switch was turned on, but I still had to restart the computer in order for 32-bit addressing to actually work. I tried upgrading to 7.6.1, which turns 32-bit addressing on by default, but when I do that the Mac restarts itself during startup. What happens is: chime -> happy Mac -> black screen -> chime again -> happy mac again -> boot proceeds as normal. This also happens under 8.0 and 8.1. I should note that I formatted the drive, a 500 MB Quantum, using the patched version of 7.5.3's disk tools. The 8.1 installer reports my drive as a non-apple drive and refuses to update the disk drivers. 8.1 will still install though. HD SC setup on the 7.6 and 8.0 boot disks can't see the drive at all. What I am asking is this: 1) Is there any way under 7.5.3 or 7.5.5 to make it so that 32-bit addressing is turned on by default without having to restart? 2) If I must upgrade to 7.6.1 or above, is there any way to fix the issue of 7.6.1 and above restarting during the startup process or is that normal for those OSes? Is there a third-party tool I can use to update the hard disk drivers if necessary? Thanks in advance