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  1. Punkyclown

    Connecting Apple IIgs to PowerBook 1400c

    Hello 68000, Yes, I will be running GS/OS as soon as my drive arrives, have the floppies but my 3.5 drive turned out to be Mac only. Thanks so much! Brad Hansen
  2. Hi All, just got an Apple IIgs, one of my first computers back in 87. I would like to connect it to my PowerBook 1400c to transfer files which I can down load to the 1400 from the net or from PCMCIA SD. I have a null modem cable that I can connect to both computers, but how do I get them to talk to each other? Any Help would be much appreciated, Thanks Brad Hansen
  3. Punkyclown

    Macintosh HD Locked?

    Thanks to all for the help, I resolved this issue by loading the OS9 CD and then running Disk first aid from then, there, then going to the menu and choosing "Erase", this worked. Brad Hansen
  4. Punkyclown

    Macintosh HD Locked?

    Hello, I never had file sharing on... Brad Hansen
  5. Hi all, I have a 2006 MacBook Core Duo that will not start up. 6 months ago it had a problem of Shuting itself down. So I bought a new cheap battery for it and that solved the problem. Now it will not power on, battery in (lights up as charged) or battery out power connected or not. All that happens when I push the power button is the screen flashes lightly and the hard drive starts to spin for about a second, then nothing. If I just hold the power button in the drives repeats the one second spin. Since the power is in a brick and lights up no problem. And the battery seems to be charged, where do I look to start trouble shooting this computer? Any help anyone could offer would be much appreciated. Thanks Brad Hansen
  6. Punkyclown

    Macintosh HD Locked?

    You mean the "Get Info" menu item. I looked there and there is nothing indication it is locked there.
  7. Punkyclown

    Macintosh HD Locked?

    Hi all, while trying to make some changes on my PowerBook 1400c I found the my Macintosh HD drive is locked. And I can find no way to unlock it, or why it's locked or how it became locked. Is there someone out there who could help me on this issue? I am running MacOS 9. Thank you Brad Hansen
  8. Hi All, since I am struggling mightily to get software to run on my powerbook 1400c, the question arises. Which version of Mac OS should I be running on my Mac? The System is a PowerPC 603e running at 117mhz, it has 32mgs of ram installed and Virtual ram is set at 32mgs. I am using a 1 gig hard drive, I am currently running Mac OS 9.1. A lot of the software I am trying to use requires MacTCP, only OS 9.1 doesn't use it, it uses MacTCP DNR. This is obviously not the same thing. So I am open to suggestions as to what OS would be best for my set up? Thanks in advance for the advice Brad Hansen
  9. Hi All, Working with Wannabe PPC, very fast text browser, that part is wonderful. But how can I get into edit mode when I want to login to a page (like this one) it won't except any text for input. How do I change this? Using MacWeb, crashes every time I try to open it with an Error 1 message. Anyone have any idea with this is? Running on my PowerBook 1400 32mgs of ram. Thanks for all the support. Brad Hansen
  10. Thank you, that's the first thing I did, but it does't disable what is in Pram... Where all the startup setting are kept. Brad Hansen
  11. Hi all, everyone here is always very supporting when I (always) post issues. And I am very much appreciative of that, thank you all. So I loaded a number of 9.2.2 desktop images on my 9.1 Powerbook 1400. I switched to one of them and it loaded, but the next time I restarted my Mac the computer hung after loading the desktop image and there it stays. The mouse is active but everything else is frozen. So I loaded a 7.6 disk and removed the Appearance Control Panel, but everything is set so, same issue. When I try to Zap my Pram it just turns the computer off or puts it to sleep and I have to restart. If I try to load System 9 using my CD and the cmd - option - shift - delete keys it just show a diskette with a question mark on it. So aside from having to completely erase and do a new install on the hard drive. Does anyone have an idea of how I can proceed with this issue? Brad Hansen
  12. Punkyclown

    Replacement fan for Mac SE

    Well isn't that special, you want to give me a hint on the model number you purchase please. Brad Hansen
  13. Punkyclown

    Replacement fan for Mac SE

    HI All, can someone please advise me on what would be a good replacement fan for my Mac SE. It is almost a perfect computer, Except! that the fan is so damn load It just about ruins it. Would be much appreciated by me. Thank you Brad Hansen
  14. Sorry, I am running MacOS 9.1 card is 3Com 589 EN using the card extension.
  15. Hi All can anyone tell me why when my ethernet is up and running through my PCMCIA slot using an ethernet card on my PowerBook 1400c I can not get AppleTalk to turn on? Much appreciated Brad Hansen