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  1. I just put back together a 512k (and two Pluses), and to make it easier for myself next time, I shaved the clip ridge down on the wiring harness - not entirely - just enough to make it much easier to disengage next time. Is there an easy way to get these harnesses off? Because I found it to be a major pain - much harder than an SE. TX!
  2. ben68

    Macintosh Classic capacitor types

    Thanks - I was hoping he was closer, so I guess I'll have to ship.
  3. ben68

    Macintosh Classic capacitor types

    Does anyone know where maccaps (uniserver) is located?
  4. Thanks for the info - I haven't booted into that machine yet, so I don't know its memory config. The next time I have it open, I'll shoot a video with it running.
  5. I just opened up a new-to-me Plus and found a MaxChill (piezoelectric fan?) glued to the side of the floppy cage. I had to rip it off to get to the screw. Can someone explain to me what this does and why I need it?
  6. Here is the theory - I'm guessing someone here has done it. I'd rather use Win32DiskManager than dd if I can help it. http://www.codesrc.com/mediawiki/index.php/HFSFromScratch It would be ideal to be able to set up the SD and keep a clone of the disk for emulation.
  7. I've spent many hours among Mini vMac, Basilisk II, and SheepShaver, and I feel comfortable setting up a virtual disk and getting it running in all three of these. If I set up a virtual 2GB disk in SheepShaver, then use a disk writing app (dd or Win32 Disk Imager) and write it to the SD, can I pop that in a SCSI2SD drive and have a working HD? I realize I'd write it to a 4GB or 8GB SD. Thanks!
  8. Yeah - thanks for the reality check. No saving of anything - I thought I found a simple solution.
  9. That's what I thought. So for an SE/30, I could theoretically just install a ROMinator and disconnect the HD. What I like about the ROMinator also is that it's pre-loaded with utilities and such. Hopefully I can mount my external ZIP drive. Thanks!
  10. The SCSI2SD adapter can take 4-32GB SD cards (more?) but why would you need so much space? Considering that it shipped with a 20MB hard drive originally, I would think that a 1GB drive would be more than enough. Am I wrong? Because if that's so, then a ROM-inator with 4GB of ROM disk would be more than enough for an SE/30 (and I wouldn't need to buy a SCSI2SD). ? Thanks -
  11. I understand the inclination towards retro-brighting, but I think a day will come when there is a demand for original "patina"
  12. I asked the seller, and he said he'd use tantalum if that's my preference.
  13. As much as I'd like to re-cap my own board, I'm leaning toward having someone else do it - in case it needs more than just a re-cap. Has anyone had experience with AllMacs on eBay? "guaranteed to work" And which one of you is this?
  14. ben68

    Are Mac CRTs laminated?

    Dang - that's pretty close! Hm - now you've got me thinking about forming Plexiglas.
  15. ben68

    Are Mac CRTs laminated?

    Yes - that would be good - even better would be someone with glass experience who can produce curved screen faces - I don't know how hard that would be, but it doesn't seem like it would be too hard to do.